CS101 Assignment Solution Spring 2018
CS101 Assignment 1
Spring 2018


Q1: You have to write the HTML code for creating a web page as shown in the following screenshot. You have to write your own VUID using <h1> tag, Name using <h2>tag and URL link of VU website using <h3> tags.

Create a table with your semester, Degree Program and all semester course codes. First tow columns in the table should be center aligned and course code column should be aligned left.


<head><title>Write Your Name/Student Id here</title></head>    
    <h1>VU ID: MC1234567</h1>
    <h2>Name: ABC</h2>
    <h3><a href="http://www.vu.edu.pk">Virtual University of Pakistan</a></h3>

    <table border="1">
            <th>Degree Program</th>
            <th>Course Code</th>
            <td rowspan="7">1st</td>
            <td rowspan="7">BSCS</td>


Q2: You are required to solve the given Boolean Expression by filling the following truth table. 

(A+B) /  .  ((A/ + C/) Å B)

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cs101 assignment no 2 ka solution hay kisi k paas?

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