CS301 All Current Final Term Papers 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016
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mostly mcqs in moaaz fileeee
avl tree sy kafe queston ay thyyyy
what is hashing .... 2m
how we can apply unioun operation on element initially difference sts...2m
describe the case in wich expression tru does not work binary tree......2m
draw AVL treee..... 5m

Q:Write tree characteristic of Skip list (marks 3)
• Each list Si contains the special keys +∞ and -∞
• List S0 contains the keys of S in non-decreasing order
•Each list is a subsequence of the previous one, i.e.,

Q2. What is Table ADT? Discuss any two implementations of table ADT. ( Marks: 5)
The table, an abstract data type, is a collection of rows and columns of information.
Implementation of Table
o Unsorted Sequential Array
o Sorted Sequential Array

What is Collision? (Marks 2)
When two values hash to the same array location, this is called a collision.


Some question from hashing;

and AVL tree

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