CS401 assignment 1 solution of question 1
CS401 Assignment Solution:
[org 0x0100]
mov ax, [NUM1]
mov bx, [NUM2]
mov cx, [NUM3]
mov dx, [NUM4]
mov ds, [NUM5]
mov cs, [NUM6]
mov es, [NUM7]
mov ss, [NUM8]
mov si, [NUM9]
mov sp, [NUM10]
mov bp, [NUM11]
mov di, [NUM12]

add [bx+di], cx
mov ax, 0x4c00
int 0x21
NUM1: dw 0x0150
NUM2: dw 0xab5d
NUM3: dw 0xff0a
NUM4: dw 0x1234
NUM5: dw 0xcc20
NUM6: dw 0xef10
NUM7: dw 0x225f
NUM8: dw 0xe25f
NUM9: dw 0x1212
NUM10: dw 0xcd0f
NUM11: dw 0x95f8
NUM12: dw 0xbdef
section .text global _start ;must be declared for using gcc _start: ;tell linker entry point mov eax,'3' sub eax, '0' mov ebx, '4' sub ebx, '0' add eax, ebx add eax, '0' mov [sum], eax mov ecx,msg mov edx, len mov ebx,1 ;file descriptor (stdout) mov eax,4 ;system call number (sys_write) int 0x80 ;call kernel mov ecx,sum mov edx, 1 mov ebx,1 ;file descriptor (stdout) mov eax,4 ;system call number (sys_write) int 0x80 ;call kernel mov eax,1 ;system call number (sys_exit) int 0x80 ;call kernel section .data msg db "The sum is:", 0xA,0xD len equ $ - msg segment .bss sum resb 1

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