CS408 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016
Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016  to help each other. Thanks

cs408 paper 
Q1: guidelines for interviews? 5
q2: Reason of using tab? 5
q3: Bebefit of evaluation design? 5
q4: issues in design of products? 5
q5: necessory steps of trunk test? 3
q6: Two reason of using schedule and budget constraints? 3
q7: possible important question in qualitative research? 3
q8: why do we feed finding which get back into design analysis? 3
q9:design principle belong "what a product how it fit into context"?2
q10:points of hirinh subject matter expert? 2
q11: what is controlled vocabularies? 2
q12: which help when we searching on google.com or any site which help in matching our words with search engine? 2

mera paper tha aj...... almost 31 mcqs zain nasar wali file sa thay
and subjective b 3,4 question passt sa tha
and GDB  ma jo question tha wo b posha tha sir na muja sa
overall paper bht easy thaa,
CS408 PAPER (mzee 128):
Spring 2016 final term exam.
Name: M Zeeshan Bhatti

MCQ'S were mostly from handouts and technical.
Note: Given below questions may be not sorted as given in paper!
Q1:Write memory aid technique?
Q2:What is the way programs remeber state?
Q3:what is the purpose of using color in visual interface design?
Q4: Sovereign Applications are rich in visual interface (or information) feedback. Justify it?
Q5:Good website characteristics?
Q6Big Grinifference Between general and potential users?
Q7:What is the actual causes of showing error messages?
Q8:Give points of context scenario?
Q9:Guidlines for ethical evalauation?
Q10:Advantages of Tabs?

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