CS506 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017
CS506 – Web Design and Development

Assignment No. 02 Solution
Semester: Fall 2017

Create a new database in MS Access and add a table in the database. The name of database should be same as your own VU ID (like BC0000000) and the name of table should be Student. Student table will have four attributes i.e. ID, NAME, ADDRESS and PROGRAM. 

Your program should perform following tasks:
1. Add new record in database
Whenever user enters some new data in text fields and clicks “Add Record in Database” button, all the text fields’ data should be stored in Student Table.
2. Search a record from database on the basis of ID and display it on screen
Whenever user enters any ID in text field and clicks “Search Record from Database” button, your program should fetch this record from database. If this ID is available in database then display the record of this ID in the mentioned text fields otherwise show an error message that no such record is available.

Important Regarding Submission:
After completing your code, execute your java file(s) and take the screenshot of the output/result. Now, compress your code, database file and screenshot of the output using winzip or winrar and upload it on VULMS.

Solution files along with Instructions is attached, download the file, unzip, read and follow the instructions and create your CS506 Assignment 2 Solution. 

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