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CS506 Assignment 3 Solution with explanation
CS506 Web Design and Development
Assignment 3 Solution
Fall 2017

You are required to develop a simple web based application by considering the following points in your mind.
Develop an html page (index.html) which will contain a form.

Now, write a java program (servlet) (BC00000000Servlet.java) that will receive the information submitted from client side (index.html), verify the input values (whether entered values are in correct format or not) and print back the entered values at client side in following format.

ID: BC00000000
Name: Ali
Address: Model Town, Lahore
Gender: Male
Email: bc0000000@vu.edu.pk  
Study Program: BSCS

Now, deploy your web application using tomcat server, load index.html in web browser and enter all the required information. Before clicking the submit button take the screenshot of web browser as given below (and save as input.jpg):

Now, click “Submit Student Data” button and take the screenshot of resultant web page (and save as result.jpg) displayed by the servlet (BC00000000Servlet.java) in response to client’s request.

Important regarding submission:

You are required to submit following files in compressed (.zip or .rar) format.
1. Index.html
2. Web.xml
3. BC00000000Servlet.java
4. input.jpg
5. result.jpg

Watch the following videos and follow me along to make your CS506 Assignment 3 solution Yourself.
If you have any question and query about any of the steps, or you cannot run your assignment. Feel free to ask in the comments.

CS506 Assignment 3 Solution Part 1

CS506 Assignment 3 Solution Part 2

Really great explanation Agha, thank you for sharing.
Helped me as well Smile
(07-28-2018, 12:55 AM)fadi Wrote: COMPLET TO NHE HY YE

Bro this is the solution for previous semester's assignment.

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