CS510 Assignment 2 Solution idea Fall 2017
CS510 Assignment 2 Solution idea Fall 2017

Learning Outcome:
After completing this assignment the student will be able to:
• Draw Use Case diagram according to requirements
• Draw KAOS Operational Model diagram as per scenario


Question No. 1 

A Multi-vendor web site serves as a market place for different buyers and sellers. The buyer after registration will login to web site, select\search products, add the products to cart, place order and track orders. The Seller after registration will login to the website, add products to this web site, check orders status and confirm orders. The administrator after login will manage different tasks including user registration, seller’s product placement and other payment issues. The payment method is Cash on Delivery. A delivery person will deliver products from seller to buyer and receive payment from buyer. After receipt of payment, delivery person will deposit this payment to company’s bank account. Administrator will then deposit the received payment to seller’s bank account after deduction of commission.

Draw a complete Use-case diagram for the above scenario.

Question No. 2

Consider a “Hospital Management system”, in this system when an event of “Patient appointment” occur this cause the “Schedule patient visit” operation to perform. This operation results in output “Patient schedule”. 

You are required to draw KAOS operational model diagram for above scenario.



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