CS602 assignment solution idea 2016
CS602-Computer Graphics
Assignment Solution
Question No 1:
            How holographic technology can help to demonstrate different ideas to students of different subjects in classrooms especially to medical students?
            Holographic innovation could permit a popular speaker to present to numerous address lobbies loaded with understudies in the meantime. Exceptionally looked for after specialists and "edutainers" could give their aptitude to a much more extensive group of onlookers, separating time and separation hindrances.
In the restorative field: Imagine a specialist exhibiting a surgical technique to therapeutic understudies face to face, without having to really be there (or uncover the working space to each one of those germs). What about car engineers showing motor components, or liquid elements engineers directing an investigation in 3D? The conceivable outcomes for improved, intuitive exhibitions through holographic telepresence are perpetual!
Question No 2:
How much time is spent scanning across each row of pixels during screen refresh on a raster system with resolution of 1024*780 and a refresh rate of 65 frames per second?            
=81.38021 Not Sure

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