CS605 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017
CS605: Software Engineering II
Assignment No. 01                Semester: Fall 2017

Question No. 1
Suppose you are working in a software development company as a project manager.  This company is currently working on a project of developing software system for space crafts. The project is associated with very high risk element.  As a project manager which Software Development Life Cycle model you will choose for above scenario to complete the task.
Name the lifecycle model with proper reason.

It is Spiral Model. The spiral model is waterfall model plus risk analysis. According to scenario, our project is associated with high risk element, so spiral model is best to choose for this project.

Question No. 2
For a software development project the project manager has chosen a Software Lifecycle model in which the product is constructed without specification or any effort at design. The developers just build a product that is revised as many times as necessary to satisfy the client.
For the above scenario answer the following questions:
a)      Name the Software Life Cycle Model that is chosen in above scenario?
b)      For which type of projects the above life cycle model may work?

a) Build and fix model
b) This model works well for small projects only.

Question No. 3
Alibaba is well established software house which is performing its operations very efficiently.
For continuous process improvement, Alibaba takes qualitative feedback from the processes and tests innovative ideas and technologies on regular basis.
Identify the CMM level for Alibaba and write any two KPAs of this level.

Level 5 – Optimizing: Continuous process improvement is enabled by qualitative
feedback from the process and from testing innovative ideas and technologies.

  1. Process Change Management
  2. Defect Prevention

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