Fall 2017 Mid Term Exams
(12-10-2017, 11:01 AM)Admin Wrote:
(12-10-2017, 10:59 AM)tayyba Wrote: ENG101 ka ni hai current paper???

Milega to idhr share kr diya jayega, so wait for it.
Or agar ap ka pehle ho gya to ap idhr share kr dijiyega.

ok i will.
Today's CS101 paper
1: what are the basic building blocks of the algorithm and write their names?
2: what will be the output of the following html code
3: write down the appropriate formula to find highest mark from the mention cell write the output too
4: "Solve the following Boolean expression (A/-B/) +c
5: binary to decimal (10111)
CS101 Paper 10-12-2017
Q1. Algorithm ( find the sum of 1st 20 natural numbers)
Q2. find out the System and application software (5 options were given )
Q3. some options were given question was what you will be preferred computer or human ?
2 Questions (2 Marks)
Q1 Html code
Q2 write any two advantages of client server scripting
1 Question (3 Marks)
html tag (table and table-row)
CS701 today paper
Subjective questions.

(1) define SPCP
(2) show if all odd has one to one relation to even
(3) can we say that a turing machine is decidable if yes then define.
(4) what is Godel Incompleteness Theorem
Todays CS605 Paper
14 MCQ’s was from Past Paper
1. Write any two characteristic of risk. 2 marks.
2. Compare Water fall model and Build and fix model. 5 marks
3. Can we guarantee 100% risk free software development i.e. can we develop a software without risk by following some software procedure? Comment it. 5 marks
4. Is postmortem analysis helps to improve the project.
Paper ENG101
Date, 12 DEC 2017
Q1. Definition of either/fallacy?
Q2. Explain hasty generalization? Write a note
Q3. Change the sentence in to suitable forms? (Gerund, infinitive)
Q4. What is value words? Give three examples?
Q5. Write the techniques that bring changes in character’s life?
Q6. Find adverbs from given statements?
Q7. Main idea of the paragraph?
1. Antonym (reveal)
2. Synonym (disperse)
3. MCQs were based on grammar.
kia mth001 mid term k quiz mil sakty hain plz meri madad karin me new student hun is university ka
(12-21-2017, 09:07 PM)Farooqi Brothers Wrote: kia mth001 mid term k quiz mil sakty hain plz meri madad karin me new student hun is university ka

Brother ap ke jo Quizzes me aur exams me MCQs aye, wo share kr den.

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