Join ForumVU Staff Team!
Hello Virtulians! 

ForumVU is a new forum dedicated to the assistance and guidance of Virtual University students. ForumVU is a student based platform, and the sole purpose of this website is to help and guide the fellow students and our juniors. It is a voluntary work but a reward of satisfaction by helping another brother/sister is worth the effort we put in. 

And we are looking for more such individuals who...

A. Want to help another students and their juniors.
B. Are willing to share their work with classmates.
C. Want to be a part of ForumVU staff team.

But there are a few requirements too for joining the ForumVU  staff.

1. You must be a student of Virtual University.
2. You must have at least 5 posts at
3. You must be able to provide original solutions to assignments and GDBs of your chosen subjects. (Copied assignments from another person or website do not count.)

So if you fulfill the above mentioned requirements and want to join our staff team, you can send me a PM with the following form completely filled. 

Staff Joining Form:

Program at VU:
Current Semester:
Subjects: (for which you can provide solutions of assignments and GDBs and also will be able to answer the questions of other students)
Hours: (How many hours approx. you will be able to spend on ForumVU on daily basis)


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