MGT101 All Current Final Term Papers 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016
Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016  to help each other. Thanks

mgt101 paper at 11 am 

prepayment and short term running finance 

capital and revenue expenditure differnece 

short term and long term differnece
markup find
bank reconciliation statement 
currents assets find
operating expenses find
accumulated profit and loss account 
memorandum of association define
47 mcqz
8 long

Mgt101 today paper 
prepayments and short term running finance ma differnece
short and long term differnece
capital and revenue expenditure differnece
operating expense find karne the trial balance ma
current assets find karne the trial balance ma se
define memorandum of association
accumulated profit and loss account ko find karna tha
Bank reconciliation statement ka question aya tha
find markup
47 mcqz 
8 long
More than half of MCQ's were from Past Papers.
3-Marks question: Write capital receipt and Revenue receipt in front of three given items. (Loan, sale of machinery, rent income)
5-Marks Question: Prepare income statement (report form) for a company. Data was given. Not much lengthy.
5-Marks Question: A list of expenses was given (mixed expenses admin and selling), we had to calculate selling expenses from that list.
3- Marks question: Differentiate between partnership and limited company.
3-Marks question: Rectification of wrong entries. 2 parts. In one part sold machinery on credit and mistakenly Credited Sundry creditor’s account. In other part machinery was sold on cash and mistakenly Dr. Sundry creditors.
3-Marks question: Are these expenses of revenue nature. Explain and given an example of each: 1. Mark-up on loan 2. Freight and carriage 3. Repairs.

mgt101 today paper

bank reconciliation
wrten down value
rectification of error
commercial organisations
limited compamy
share premium
1:find value of cash receipt from debtors by preparing debtors control
2:balance as per pass book Cr rs.1660 amount deposited into thr bank by debtor rs.200 in December but not record in cash book
cheque deposit but creditor by the bank January 2015 rs.800
3: amount working capital at the end dec 2014
work capital smooth working
4: rectifying journal entries
ek question chapter 16 me sy ty 
stocks method

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