Member of the Month - Win Prizes Every Month
Member of the Month
ForumVU Monthly Contest
Win Prizes Every Month

Hello ForumVU Members, I've got some rewarding announcement for all of you. Starting this month, we're going to have a Monthly Activity Contest at Virtual University Help Forum. From now on, every 10th of the month, we'll announce the most Active ForumVU member as Member of the Month and also reward them with some exciting prizes. 

How to become ForumVU's Member of the Month? All you have to do is stay active at, create posts and invite your friends to join as well. The more helping material you post and the most active members you refer, the more chances you will have for becoming our Member of the Month

  • 500 Top-Up on your Mobile Number
  • A Top Level Domain of your choice
Note: You will be rewarded only one of the listed prizes selected by our Staff.

Rules & Regulations:
  1. Do not copy/paste from other websites.
  2. Do not create multiple accounts. 
  3. Making the most number of topics or making the most referrals does not guarantee you to become Member of the Month, we will also judge the quality of your posts.
  4. These rules and regulations are subject to change. 
  5. You must follow our Forum Rules and Guidelines.
  6. ForumVU has the right to select/deselect members from consideration of prizes, and/or discontinue this monthly contest at any time.

Good luck!
Reserved for Winners list.
Wow! Count me in. This will be great.

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