PHY101 Quiz 1 Solved
Solved screenshots of PHY101 Quiz 1
Download these two files for solved Quiz screenshots
PHY101 Quiz has been announced today on 10-11-2016, the last day to attempt the quiz will be 11-11-2016
The Quiz will cover syllabus from Lecture 1 to 7.
Download these solved quizzes for practice.
Good luck!

Attached Files
.pdf   PHY101_1st_Quiz.pdf (Size: 652.04 KB / Downloads: 12)
.pdf   PHY101_1st_Quiz1.pdf (Size: 782.88 KB / Downloads: 6)
Thank you @Lahori
Here are more screenshots from the current quiz taken today by @"Huda Owais"
That is great Rana and thank you Huda Owais for the screenshots.

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