Past Papers by Moaaz
Moaaz is an alumni of Virtual University of Pakistan. While he was doing his MCS from VU, he did us all a favor by creating collections of midterm and final term past papers and solved them. His collections of VU past papers are the most useful ones as they are quite accurately solved with references. 
As in VU, big portion of the midterm and final term exams especially the MCQs part comes from past papers, these collections are a must to go through in your preparations for the Virtual University Exams. 

Although these links have been shared before on ForumVU, I'm dedicated this thread to his work and sharing all the links to his past paper collections below. 
If you have anymore links of his collections, you can share them below and I will add them to the main thread. 
Collections of Solved VU Past Papers by Moaaz include most of CS subjects and all of the subjects that are in MCS study scheme in VU as he was an MCS student. 
Although some subjects (e.g CS601) have changed their syllabus, so the new exams may be completed different from these ones by Moaaz.

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