STA301 All Current Final Term Papers 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016
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Sta301 paper 8:00 AM
A coin is tossed three time find prob
At least 1 head
Sampling error?
Bowley coofficent? Mean. Mode and variance r given
Variance is unknown find var and t rest
Z test
Find A^B here p(a) p (b) is given
Find varXY var x and var y given
Or aik hypothesis ke statement lihkne the
Zada questions 30 or 40 ma sa i
 Sta301 today's paper
Mean deviation=? Options 0.5sigma or 0.75sigma 2) if X and Y are independent then var(X-Y)=? 3) proportion of males in pak is at least 0.48 the what is alternative hypothesis I did P is less than 0.48 4) if sigma is doubled then what will be the effect on confidence intetval I did confidence interval will be doubled. 6)mew is less tahn mewo and alpha =0.05 then critical region will be? I did z is greater than 0.05. 7)Var(4X+5)=4VarX+5. 8)marginal probability distribution is? I did P(A/B). (9) if mew is less than mewo and alpha is 0.01 then z=? Idid z is greater than z0.01.These were the mcqs and rest of the mcqs were direct and conceptual P50? When n=10 and all values are 5. I did 
Q1) Poportion of smokers in the cityof lahore p^=X/n =300/500
Q2) first moment ratio when mew2 =0.2 mew3=0 solution:mew3square/mew2cube=0/(0.2)cube=0
Q3)What type of distribution will be used to determine proportion of smokers and non smokers I think binomial distribution as it will result in two mutually exclusive events success and failure and all trials are independent
Q4) P(A union B) for not mutually exclusive events when P(A)=0.30 and P(B)=0.55 P(A intersection B)0.25
Q5) determine n if zalpha by 2 is 1.96 andq^= 1-p^=0.84 and e=0.05 solution: p^=0.16 and n=z alpha by 2 square/e square *p^q^=207(may be wrong).
Q6) Values of X and corresponding P (X) were given and required was to determine P(X is less than 4) and P(X is greater than 4 and less than and equal to 8)
Q7) calculate cumulative probability distribution when X and corresponding probabilities were given
Q8) write moment ratios formula and values for normal distribution
Q9) N=5n=3 0,2,3,3,5 construct samples without replacement
Q10) difference between chebychev in equality and empirical formula
Q11)find E(X) and Var(X) when x is between -1 and 2. And g(x) is 1/3x^2. Solution: E(X)= 0.25 and E(X)^2=2.25 var(X)= 2.13
Q12) Define inferential statistics.
Q13) A process is in control average packing is 6oz s.d is 0.2 when a sample of 100 is selected average of sample is 6.1oz. Now determine whether the process is controlled or not? Z=1.645 given
Time management is very important as the paper is quite lengthy.

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