What is the importance of volunteer work?
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There is no doubt that the world we currently live in is a world with a much faster pace than decades ago. Time seems to be passing faster and faster, and the amount of work seems to keep up with the speed.

In parallel, the great majority of professionals seek an improvement in their positions at work. It's a constant race against time. So, is there enough time to do volunteer work? How do you see this kind of work? How important is it to you?

I have the full conviction (because I have worked as a volunteer) that volunteer work is extremely enriching, professionally and personally speaking. The gains are extremely beneficial and are eternal (after all, the moral values that you learn and the joys of being able to help someone... you carry for the rest of your life). 

With such attitudes, the world would certainly be a better place.  Smile
Precisely that. If we would learn to value such small things like voluntary work maybe our society wouldn't be so materialistic. I had the chance to work as volunteer twice and the lessons i learned went beyond material value. It taught me to value my work and to take others needs in consideration as well. All companies should have some form of volunteer work program for their employees in my opinion.
Volunteering is a great thing and all.  Nonetheless, though, it seems like people aren't really looking at it more closely.  Note, a lot of people use volunteer work as something for their resume.  In that case, in a sense, it's not really charity.  However, these same people might be wanting a pat on the back.
For me, it's experience. It's also nice to help the people in need of course, but mainly I like it for the experience to add to my portfolio. I know a lot of my friends did volunteer work for about a year or two just so they could gain experience and move on to better jobs in the future. I can't say I'm planning to do the same since I'm really aiming for big companies the moment I graduate, but if I ever need to, I wouldn't hesitate doing so.
As I see it, volunteer work has two sides.

The first side is that we, obviously, enjoy giving back to our society just a little bit of what it provided for us. If we're lucky enough to be in the position of doing volunteer work, then we should use that time and energy in providing for individuals, centers or institutions that might need it!

On the other, more materialistic and less altruistic side, it's also a good experience for us to get used to the working field and get a glimpse at certain things and activities that we might enjoy. Who knows, more than one job was born out of volunteer work! If it gives us enjoyment, experience, and we get to help out others while at it... I think that's more than enough to justify its importance!

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