WordPress: Make moneylink
to make a fair income from online business, i think it is very important for us to get a domain name and buy a hosting service (i will first try the cheapest plan in WordPress first.

For using WordPress, first I have not completely understand if the site allow us to advertise other third party ads ( free plan of course not!) So I 
Will first try out the WordPress ads program and sell some digital products there to see if I can get any profit out from the cost of the plan. If unsuccessful, i will consider and figure it out if it allows third party ads or affiliate network links!
I'd recommend namecheap for hosting and domain, their basic shared plans are very cheap, as they say you can actually get a one year hosting for the price of a domain, and domains are very cheap too with many domains available to register at only $0.88.
With that you'd have total freedom of putting your ads where ever you like and no restrictions at all in your wordpress blog, I think you're talking about wordpress.com and yes they have restrictions on the ads you put on their hosted blog of yours.
So go for self hosting website, especially if you want to earn from it.
Thanks for your opinion!

I would try out the shared hosting plan of the namecheap and there is a good thing that is it accepts bitcoin as payment so I don't need to pay using PayPal for that.

However, if I need to pass my namecheap domain to WordPress, I may not be allowed to put my ads onto the WordPress blog because I have found from some reviews saying that WordPress only allows its own ads except some specific exception. So I may decide just using namecheap plan alone and place my ads. But is that caused any problems ?


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