bt102 microbiology past paper final term 2018
My today's paper of BT102 Microbiology.

What are viable methods for the bacterial count? 2 Marks
How microbes cause damage to the human being? 2 Marks
Differentiate between vertical and horizontal gene transfer? And names of bacterial transformations methods? 2 Marks
What are virus, virons, and viroids? 2 Marks
Briefly write about transformation, conjugation, and transduction? 3 Marks
What are the economic benefits of fungi? 3 Marks
What is epidemiology and discuss its methods? 3 Marks
What are the steps of viral replication? 5 Marks
What is immunity and innate immunity and adaptive immunity? 5 Marks
What are the methods used for microbial identification? 5 Marks
How are diseases transmitted by contact, vehicles, and vectors? 5 Marks

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