cs402 #2 quiz 2018
2: Finite Automaton (FA) must have __________ number of states while a language has _________ words.
3: The product of two regular languages is __________.
4: Consider the following CFG:  S->a|Xb|aYa X->Y|^          (NOTE: ^ means NULL) Y->b|X Which Non-terminals are nullable?
5: If an FA accepts a word then there must exist a path from __________.
6: If an FA has N states then it must accept the word of length
7: Which of the following should not be NULL in the context of Pumping Lemma?
8: If R is regular language and Q is any language (regular/ non-regular), then Pref( _______in _______) is regular.
9: To examine whether a certain FA accepts any words, it is required to seek the paths _______ state.
10: Which of the following is pumped to generate further strings in the definition of Pumping Lemma?

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