mth622 assignment 2 solution idea needed

.docx   Spring 2018_MTH622_2.docx (Size: 29.6 KB / Downloads: 35)
gys lets discuss about assignment 2 of mth622 ,attachment is given above.

.docx   Spring 2018_MTH622_2.docx (Size: 81.98 KB / Downloads: 32)
here is the solution of mth622 assignment 2 which i tried to solve by using a youtube video i m not sure that answer is true or not so if any mistake than plz correct it or tell the correct solution while its figure wants some changes which i made on rough page so try your self otherwise i will post it in the evening
Thanks for sharing your solution Rabia.

.docx   Spring 2018_MTH622_2 spring 2018.docx (Size: 74.72 KB / Downloads: 41)
above solution which i uploded early has some mistakes this is another one  which i solved and hope so this will be correct

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