ASSIGNMENT NO 1 of pak 301

Fall 2017
Assignment No. 1                                                                     Total Marks: 10+5
Due Date: 13-11-2017

• What was the political approach of Muslim leadership in the light of aims and objectives of All India Muslim League? Justify your answer with five valid points. 10 Marks    
• How did Nehru Report trigger a wave of confrontation between the Hindus and Muslims? Justify your answer with any five relevant points. 5 Marks

solution plz.....if anyone have....

Admin Note: Solution is written in the first comment below.

In the light of above causes, Indian Muslim League was formulated with the following objectives:
1.Protecting the political and other rights of the Muslims and to extend the needs and sentiments of the Indian Muslims before the British Government in a respective manner.
2.Making the other communities of Indian understand that Muslim of India were not against their interests.
3.Promoting the sentiment of loyalty for the British Government among the Muslims and removing misunderstanding about the Muslims.
4.After its inception, Indian Muslim League started to gain strength gradually and it was converted into a strong and stable power.
5.Muslims began to secure representation in all the elections held on the communal basis. Muslim League, at last, succeeded in getting its identity.

Q2. The main points of Nehru Report are as follows:
1. The Nehru committee demanded repudiation of separate elections.
2. It demanded the Form of Government at the center would be Federal with substantial powers
3. It recommended the one-third Muslim representation at the central legislative.
4. The committee demanded interdiction of reforming Baluchistan and N.W.F.P provinces.
5. The foreign affairs, defense and army should be placed under the control of parliament and viceroy.
6. Hindi should be the official language.
7. Nehru’s Recommendations were against the interest of the Muslim Community.
8. The Muslims could not surrender their right to separate electorates.
9. The principles of non-reservation and joint electorates were to make their position in Punjab and Bengal provinces.

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