About 640 complaints received a month on employers

About 640 complaints received a month on employers who breached safe management measures in 2021

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The Ministry of Manpower received a median number of approximately 640 pieces of feedback a month from January to September 2021 on employers who breach safe management measures (SMMs), a spokesperson told CNA on Wednesday (Oct 6).

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This number remains "stable", except for "short-term spikes" which are typically seen after announcements of tightened restrictions, the ministry added.

"For example, from mid May to mid July 2021, MOM received over 3,500 pieces of feedback, with a significant increase after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) was announced in May 2021," it said.

In response to CNA's queries about what employees can do if they observed their employers breaching SMMs, the ministry said they should "reach out to their employers first to clarify any concerns they may have regarding the implementation of SMMs".

Employees can also report such breaches through MOM's website: www.mom.gov.sg/report-wsh-issues.

"All reports will be kept strictly confidential," the ministry said.

"Employers and employees ... should exercise social responsibility and do their part to ensure that SMMs are properly implemented and adhered to at the workplace, in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission."

Companies that fail to implement SMMs could face a fine or even be ordered to cease operations for serious breaches, the ministry added.

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