All VU Final Year Projects Spring 2018

Expert locating System (ELS)
Project Domain / Category
Web Mining/Information Retrieval
Abstract / Introduction
In this era of Internet, World Wide Web (WWW) has become an ultimate source of information for the people from all walks of life.  Due to the big collection of non-uniform Web data, it is a challenging task for the users to find their relevant information. Finding experts who have the appropriate skills and knowledge for a specific domain, academic program and research field etc. has become an important academic activity. Expert Locating System (ELS) is very helpful for students, organizations, industries and academic institutes to find experts of their needs.  The aim of this project is to develop a web application which will facilitate students and academic institutes in finding experts of their choice. This application will act as search engine to extract faculty related information from different (at least 200) academic institutes including Universities, colleges and other Training institutes. This includes faculty name, highest qualification, expertise area, expertise type (Teaching, research, coaching etc.), experiences (in years) and affiliation(s) and store them in the database. Students are required to develop their own Web crawler for extracting these information. Students are also needed to develop an attractive user interface for entering search query and displaying query results.  
This project has the following basic modules:
1.    Web Crawler: 
Web search engines work by storing information about many web pages, which they retrieve from the HTML itself. These pages are retrieved by a Web crawler which is an automated Web browser which follows every link on the site. The contents of each page are then analysed to determine how it should be indexed. 
2.    Front end for query processing and their results: 
The front-end presents a search bar for users and the query processor parses the request and executes the search. The results are displayed by the front-end.
3.    Ranking of experts: 
Based on the user query, experts will be ranked in descending order. Ranking will be done on the basis of faculty total experience in their relevant domain i.e Teaching, Research and Coaching etc. The system will display only top 5 experts at a time. 
4.    Data base:
A database will be maintained for storing faculty information extracted by the crawler. Administrator of the Web application will run the crawler and populate the database with the updated information.
1.    C#, .Net and Sql Server
2.    PHP, MySql and Dreamweaver  
1.    Name:       Said Nabi
2.    Email ID:
3.    Skype ID:   saidnabi115
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Opinion Mining for Website Evaluation
Project Domain / Category
Information Retrieval
Abstract / Introduction
Opinion mining  refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics and biometrics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study affective states (i-e the emotional states of the author or speaker) and subjective information. Sentiment analysis is widely applied to voice of the customer materials such as reviews and survey responses, online and social media.  Generally speaking, sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a speaker, writer, or other subject with respect to some topic or the overall contextual polarity or emotional reaction to a document, interaction, or event. The attitude may be a judgment or evaluation, affective state, or the intended emotional communication.
 Website Evaluation system that rates the website based on the opinion of the user. Website will be evaluated based on factors such as genuineness of the website, timely delivery of the product after online transaction and support provided by the website. User will comment about the website. Based on the comment, system will rate the website. The system takes opinion of various users. Based on the opinion, the system will decide whether the website is genuine or not. The system uses opinion mining methodology in order to achieve desired functionality. We use a database of sentiment based keywords along with positivity or negativity weight in database and then based on these sentiment keywords mined in user comment is ranked. The system contains keywords related to fraud, genuineness, timely delivery of the product and service meters in the database. Based on these factors, the system will rate the website.
System Hierarchy:
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]The user logins to the system he can view various websites posted by the admin and can comment about the website.
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]User can see the comment of other user.
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]System will rate the website based on the comment of various users.
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]The role of the admin is to add various website to the system and to add keywords in database.
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]So that system will match the comment with the keywords in database and will rate the website based on the sentiment analysis.
User can easily find out which website will deliver the product in time. And also helps to find out website which will provide good support. This application helps to find out whether the website is genuine or not that is useful for those users who do online transactions.
Functional Requirements: System should be able to:
1.        Share the users  view about the website
2.        Help users to decide whether the website is genuine or not
3.        Provide ease for online transactions user
4.        This system helps the user to find out the website which provides good service and delivers the product in time
5.        Ranks the website based on the weightage of the keywords in database, so the result is appropriate.
Development Environment
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]C# Dot net 4.0 
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]Searching Tools – Apache Lucene 3.0.3
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]Stanford NLP – POS Tagging
[font=Times New Roman] [/font]SentiWordNet
Name: Tayyaba Sehar
Email ID:
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Vehicle information dissemination system for Cloud (VIDSC)
Project Domain / Category
Web Mining/Information Retrieval
Most of the vehicles are equipped with advanced technology devices (i.e., cameras, sensors, on-board CPUs etc). The vehicles can get information from the environment and share it on the Cloud. This information will be helpful for the drivers to take various decisions like: safety on the road, time taken by a driver to a certain place using a route. Moreover, this information can be helpful for the traffic management on a certain route.  
This project has the following basic modules:
1.    Information Disseminator
This component is responsible for obtaining information (i.e., pictures, temperature, distance) from the environment and disseminate over the Cloud.
2.    Cloud Database
The information obtained from the information disseminator is stored in the Cloud DB.
3.    Query Manager
The query manager is used by different drivers and traffic manager to take various decisions like which route to choose for travelling, and carrying out traffic scheduling etc.
1. Android application suite, and SQL Server
1.    Name:       Muhammad Ibrahim
2.    Email ID:
3.    Skype ID:  ibrahimmayar
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General Store Inventory System  
Project Domain / Category
Database Programming  
The General Store Inventory System is a software which will be used for the General stores. This Application  is used to manage the inventory of grocery items. With the help of this application shop keeper will be able to record his sale/purchase for each grocery item. It would allow shopkeepers to immediately check stock quantities, when to reorder supplies, track expenses, and providing the right amount of inventory on hand along with clients. As shopkeepers are normally illiterate person so we have to develop this application in such a way that he can use it easily with some training. 
Functional Requirements:
1.    It is normally a single user system, but the user must have to enter a password to use this application 
2.    The system can be able to store the buyer record  using its name and mobile number 
3.    The Shop keeper  can be able to look up sales on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis.
4.    On the sale of any item the stock should be updated with the quantity left. 
5.    Once a buyer finalized all the required  items, then the system should show all the purchase items with their quantity and amount and in the end it shows the total amount. 
6.    The System should have the option of both cash and credit once buyer tells that he/she will pay the cash the shopkeeper will print the cash button and bill is generated. For credit option buyer record will be saved in the system against its name and mobile  number. 
7.    The System should also keep track of all the credit record both amount wise and each buyer wise separately.
8.    All types of reports should be generated on demand, i.e. number of customers,  sales record, credite record etc. 
Name: SAEED NASIR      
Email ID:
Skype ID: saeed-nasir
Gym and Fitness Management System
Project Domain / Category
Database application
Abstract / Introduction
Manual record keeping of Gym and Fitness center will be very tedious job in which you need to manage different activities of the club members like fees, attendance, exercises and most important their previous records. Keeping record of equipment’s is also a big issue. It is not easy for staff members to manually manage all the activities therefore to overcome these problems we are going to fully automate all the activities of the Gym and Fitness center. 
Main functional requirements of the system are as follows. 
1.    Trainer and Members Attendance
• Integrated Biometric Attendance (auto attendance) is used to keep record of each member and trainer. 
2.    Trainer and Members Registration
• There are two types of members Ordinary and Special members to register with their complete bio data and physical measures.
3.    Trainer and Members Physical measures
• On monthly basis physical measures “height, weight, waist, biceps, triceps, chest etc” will be compare with previous measures on the basis of which exercise will be advised for upcoming month. 
4.    Members Fee Management (upcoming, overdue)
• This form provides the option to the administrator of the system to add, delete, modify and search the information of the fee deposited by the members.
5.    Trainers Salary Management 
• This form provides the option to the administrator of the system to add, delete, modify and search the information of the Trainers salaries.
6.    Equipment’s detail  
• This form provides the option to the administrator of the system to add, delete, modify and search the information of the equipment’s.
7.    Exercises
• This form provides the option to the administrator of the system to add, delete, modify and search different type of exercises for members.
8.    Reporting on Members registration, Members attendance, staff attendance, fee management.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Depending upon the organizational needs following reports can be generated • Weekly or yearly based report of members or trainers
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]C #, Java
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Visual studio 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Sql Server
Name: Asadullah
Email ID:  
Skype ID: asad.ullah121

HR Management System
This project belongs to Database category.
“HR Management System” is an information system which deals with human resources of an organization. It is designed to manage the computerized human resources (HR) processes of the organization. This system provides the detailed information of employees, like their education, certifications, skills, family information etc. It enables the HR management of the organization to add, view and update employees’ information and also generate different reports.
Functional Requirements:
A set of functional requirements of the proposed system may include the following.
1.     There must be login process for administrator and authorized users to avoid unauthorized access to the system.
2.     The system would maintain the employees’ information like name, father name, age, salary, designation, skills, education etc…
3.     The system would maintain the family information of employees, like number of children, spouse etc…
4.     The system would maintain the attendance of the employees.
5.     The system would maintain the leave record of the employees.
6.     The system would maintain the loan information of employees if the organization provides the facility of loan to its employees.
7.     The system would be able generate different reports.
SQL Server 2008, VB.Net etc.
Name: Asif Hussain 
Email ID:
Skype ID: asifnoor1982
Employees Attendance System via Fingerprint
Project Domain / Category
Desktop Applications
A corporate firm is interested to replace manual attendance system for their employees. They need an automated system through which the attendance of employees could be marked via fingerprints and reduce the chances of fraud recording of working hours that employees otherwise used to do with manual paper attendance systems.  
Functional Requirements:
The System will be desktop based application which will perform the following tasks:- 1. Attendance of employees through finger print.
2.    Registration of employee’s data in the system by administrator.
3.    Vacation management system.
4.    Reports
I.            Daily wise present/absent/on-leave employees
II.         Weekly wise employees present/absent/on-leave statistics III.         Monthly wise employees aggregate report
The system needs to be developed in C#.Net with Microsoft SQL Server; no other development tools will be accepted for this project.
C#.Net, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio
The university will not provide any biometric device for this project; you need to purchase the product on your own once you choose this project. The project will not be accepted without fingerprint reader device. 
Name: Mehboob Ali
Email ID:
Skype ID: mehboobalivu
Remote Admin
Networks / Desktop Application
The system will be a multi-tier, network application. It will be implemented for computer machines running under Microsoft’s server class operating systems. The socket interface will be used to connect client and the server. Server will be multi-threaded. TCP packets must be used to send compressed images to the server at a certain frequency. Any type of stream can be used but will require CBR (constant bit rate) and more bandwidth. 
The daemon running on the client must be well aware of the activities performed and must use a XML protocol to send that information to the server. The server might be able to store its logs and the stations’ logs in a database or in files.
Functional Requirements:
The proposed Remote Admin Server will be a multithreaded server implemented as a windows application using MFC. It will use TCP/IP suite to communicate among the clients and the server. It will have a standard windows interface which should be well user-friendly. It will have a TCP socket interface to send and receive packets. In addition, the architecture of the server is component based.
The important tasks of the Remote Admin Server include:
1.    Remote Admin Server display the client’s live screen from list of any active client.
2.    Remote Admin Server display the Web Browser history of any active client. 
3.    Remote Admin Server can shut down or logoff any active client remotely.
The proposed Remote Admin client will be a special agent running as a service in the client workstation when it boots up. No one except administrators can remove or control this service. In other words, it, is like a daemon process. 
The important tasks of the Remote Admin Client include:
1.    Remote Admin Client will capture the clients screen and compress it in any lowresolution image format. Compressed image will be packaged into TCP datagram and sent to port of Remote Admin Server on its request with optimal frequency (feel like live video on server side). 
2.    Remote Admin Client will get its Web browser history and send to Remote Admin server on its request.
3.    Remote Admin Client Automatically goes to shut down or logoff on Remote Admin Server’s request.
Microsoft .Net framework, Visual C++. NET, Microsoft Visio
Name: Muhammad Jawwad Zaheer 
Email ID: 
Skype ID: jawadzaheerch

Pharmacy Record Management System  
Desktop application 
City pharmacy is one of the famous Pharmacies which provide medicines to customers prescribed by particular doctors. 
The pharmacy has medicines for different diseases. Also there are several members in the pharmacy to for keeping /taking medicines in or from the relevant cupboards to facilitate customers. The pharmacy staff is responsible for the management of information of medicines, company, sales, and inventory in register books.  
To make the City Pharmacy more reliable and convenient for staff as well as for customers, the whole pharmacy should be computerized  to reduce errors chances and hardworking of the staff  members  by eliminating manual entry in registers for record keeping, remembering cupboard or rack of any particular medicine , making bills for customers. The system should be able to keep the information of customers and medicine for long time.  
Working mechanism: Customer comes and provides prescription paper to the pharmacy staff. The concerned member search for the required medicine(s) in computer and note the location of that particular medicine(s). The staff member picks the medicine(s) from the rack and gives the medicine(s) in a basket to the admin. The admin make entry of medicine(s) in computer for calculating prices which are stored in database. The system automatically calculates the bill against the medicine(s) entered by admin. The admin tell the total amount of the required medicine(s). The customer pays the bill. The admin take the print of the bill and provides the receipt to the customer. The system then balances record of the remaining quantity of sold medicine(s). 
In case a particular customer returns the medicine(s), the medicine quantity should be brought to the previous state as before.
Upon return the total quantity of same medicine should be updated and the amount should be deducted from the total money of sales according to the returned quantity. 
Functional Requirements:
Some common functional requirements are:
1.      Admin Login 
2.      User friendly interfaces 
3.      Interfaces validation check for entry, update, delete, search etc. 
4.      Medicine(s) record entry, update, delete
5.      Track all information of medicine(s), inventory, pharmacy 
6.      Shows information and descriptions of pharmacy, stocks 
7.      Bill calculation.  
8.      Record updating in case medicine(s) sold, returned
9.      Total Cost of all medicines 
10. Calculate total profit 
11. Deduct amount from total sales if the customer returns medicine(s)
12. Updating quantities of medicine(s) in case of populating pharmacy with medicines.  12. Report generation 
Tools: Optional Supervisor:
Name: Muhammad Luqman
Email ID:
Skype ID:

GSM/Bluetooth/Wifi & GPS (Android) based Car Tracking & Control System 
Project Domain / Category
Digital Logic Designing / Embedded System Programming
Abstract / Introduction
Vehicle tracking system main aim is to give Security to all vehicles. Accident alert system main aim is to rescuing people in accidents. This is improved security systems for vehicles. The latest like GPS are highly useful now a day, this system enables the owner to observe and track his vehicle and find out vehicle movement and its past activities of vehicle.
This new technology, popularly called vehicle Tracking Systems which created many wonders in the security of the vehicle. This hardware is fitted on to the vehicle in such a manner that it is not visible to anyone who is inside or outside of the vehicle. Thus, it is used as a covert unit which continuously or by any interrupt to the system, sends the location data to the monitoring unit. When the vehicle is stolen, the location data from tracking system can be used to find the location and can be informed to police for further action. Some Vehicle tracking System can even detect unauthorized movements of the vehicle and then alert the owner. This gives an edge over other pieces of technology for the same purpose.
Functional Requirements
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Through Mobile Application, Vehicle movement will be controlled.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]GPS coordinates plotting on mobile application using Google Map.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Microcontrollers (Intel 8051/8052 series) OR Arduino modules
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Android Programming (Android Studio) 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]C/C++ Programming Language
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Assembly Language
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Circuit Designing Softwares (Orcad Pspice, WorkBench)
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Keil Embedded Development Kit
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Microcontroller Burner Kit
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Circuit Components (Resistors, Capacitors, oscillators etc.)
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]GSM & GPS Modules
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Google API
Note: Virtual University of Pakistan will not provide any kind of hardware for this project, student has to arrange required hardware by himself/herself. 
Name: Waqar Ahmad
Email ID:
          Skype ID: engr.waqar.ahmad          

Comparative Study of TCP New Reno, CUBIC and BBR Congestion Control in ns-2
Project Domain / Category
Abstract / Introduction
TCP is one of the main protocols of TCP/IP Internet suite. Many popular Internet applications like World Wide Web and E-mail use TCP as their transport protocol. A good understanding of TCP can serve the bigger objective of learning how Internet communication works. Many variants of TCP protocol have been proposed over the years; the main differentiating point between each of these variants is their congestion handling. Our focus here will only be on three variants of TCP, namely: i) New Reno, ii) CUBIC, and iii) BBR. The objective of this project is to carry out comparative study and performance analysis of these three variants in network simulator ns-2. Working in ns-2 requires: i) understanding of basic commands of Linux operating systems (for ns-2 installation and running purposes), ii) good programming skills in C++ (for implementing TCP CUBIC and TCP BBR models), iii) programming in TCL (for writing simulation scripts), iv) understanding of AWK command (for trace text processing), and v) understanding GNUPLOT command (for drawing graphs). The three TCP variants will be compared on the basis of their congestion control mechanism and their performance will be analyzed using different simulation scenarios. Students may use existing ns-2 implementations of CUBIC and BBR (written by other developer hosted on sites like but it is preferred that students implement these protocols themselves.
Intended Outcomes
1.    A theoretical comparison of TCP variants: New Reno, CUBIC and BBR using different parameters.
2.    Performance analysis of the three TCP variants in network simulator ns-2 using different simulation scenarios.
Required Programming Skills
1.    Understanding of basic Linux commands
2.    C++, TCL, AWK and GNUPLOT (for working in ns-2)
Name: Hasnain Ahmed
E-mail ID:
Skype ID: hasnain.bukhari
E-Voting System
Project Domain / Category
Abstract / Introduction
Elections plays a fundamental role in any democratic process. In this project it is expected that the students will develop an electronic voting system. An RFID reader is required that is able to read RFID Tag embedded in voter ID card. When the card is scanned; data of voter is displayed and after verification voter is allowed to cast vote. When the voter punches its finger list of candidates should appear, it should than be able to choose one candidate of his/her choice and proceed with casting vote. The system should ensure that the electoral system is able to avoid fraud and ensure safety, reliability, security, guarantee and transparency and smooth conduct of elections. 
Functional Requirements:
1.    The system should fast and reliable 
2.    System hard ware should be such that it does not crash.
3.    System should have options to connect with national database 
4.    System should be secure.
PHP, Java, C++, C sharp or any other suitable language
Name: Taimur Karamat
Email ID:
Skype ID: mynickistim
Recognition and Authorization of Remote User & Access Provision by Admin on network
Project Domain / Category
There comes a conditions when Admin needs to verify the user by making a click on his image and then providing access to user if he is valid to use the system. The algorithms used for Image processing are not that good at user verification because of changed image angle, beard, facial expression, clarity and many more other factors. To achieve 100% accuracy sometimes manual recognition is needed. 
An application is proposed where a web server demands to take a photograph on requesting a session on a PC by the user. The clicked image is being transmitted to the server by the PC without utilizing much bandwidth. The image sent by user to admin may now be verified by the web server admin manually. On recognizing the user as a valid one the server machine now sends a command to client pc system in order to allow access to the system. Such remote computer authentication and authorization system is required  in secure system areas like government PC’s, military Pc’s and other sensitive company PC’s that need proper user authentication through remote admin. The web server desired to monitor and handle this system makes use of http request and response in order to interact with client machine. Web cam click of remote user is requested on any particular user as and when needed by the admin. After manual verification of image at server side, the system sends command to allow or reject user access to the user 
Functional Requirement
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]There will be two modules i.e. Admin Module & User Module. Admin Module contains login and password.
Admin Module  
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]The admin module dash board will have access request tab where table with “PC Name”, “MAC address” and “Status” will be given to see and check all the requests from registered PCs with their MAC addresses, So that whenever user want to access the system the request will be queued into request access module.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Admin Panel will also have a table with registered PC drop down menu box “PC Name” & “Status” i.e. Status 1 = Image user image, Status 2= grant access, status 3= end session.
       USER panel 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]To register the system User panel will be consisted of “PC Name”, “MAC address” and Register button. Once registered there can be a button “Request access”.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Tools:
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]C# .net
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]SQL server
Name:-Asim Mehmood
Email ID:-
Skype ID:-sardar-asim
ABC company Management Syatem
Project Domain / Category
There is a company  having four departments namely production, finance, human resource (H.R) and sale and marketing, the organization has only one switch of 24 ports and a router the CEO of the company wishes to restrict the access of every employee  out of his/her own department plus implement access police against every employee of the company. 
Primarily the big and vital motive of the system to be developed will be to overcome and streamline the above task, this application will logically divide the switch ports. And interlink them using router plus make use of a domain to implement access policy against every employee. 
The system will be user friendly so that the user would not come across any kind of inconveniences to access out department or go on internet.   
Functional Requirements:
Each department has six employees 
Installation of window server 2012 r2
Installation of domain controller 
Creating users accounts, group policy, rights (privilege)
Creation of VLANS 
Installation of FTP and web Server
Cisco switch, router, window server 12 r2, desktop/ laptop core i3, 4gb ram, hard drive 120 gb.
Tools (optional)
Virtual Box, GNS3, UNL, NS2 VMware etc.
Name: Mukaram Shah
Email ID:
Skype ID: To_shah
Intelligent Network Security Controller (INSC)
Project Domain / Category
Network Security / Linux Programming
Abstract / Introduction
Users of an organization or a department in an organization may have some common network security requirements. There may be some common, known or intended resources to be accessed by employees to ensure the day to day operational duties are being carried out without interruption. This project will require implementation of a reputation database that can be updated by a security administrator or user behavior that is used to permit, deny or redirect user traffic dynamically on network.
Functional Requirements:
Following are functional requirements of this project
1.    Virtual Machine to running  Linux with 2+ Interfaces
2.    Design and Develop necessary Reputation Databases (1- Persistent, 2 Memory Resident). Persistent may be a MySQL database. Memory resident database could be a simple hash table). On reload applicable rules shall be copied to memory resident database, active changes or  learned changes shall be stored  first in [2] then in [1]
3.    Develop a Linux Application (INSC) to manipulate the IP Tables on Linux as per the reputation Database.
4.    INSC must redirect user to web a interface that will require user to explicitly confirm his required access along with some validation information.
5.    Both [1] and [2] should be configurable in a web interface.
C/C++ , Linux , IPtables , Virtulbox , Web Development  PHP/ASP/CGI 
Name:  Arif Husen
Email ID:
Skype ID:

Car information System using android and arduino
Project Domain / Category
Digital Logic Design & Mobile Application
Abstract / Introduction
Most car manufactured in Pakistan do not have OBDII or ODBI port, which is used to diagnose the car or get the real time information like engine temperature , voltage , coolant temperature etc. 
In this project students will be required to access the car’s data like engine temperature, coolant temperature, in cabin temperature, outside temperature etc, using various sensors, Android phone and Arduino.  Information gathered using the sensors will be utilized. Note that students will not use ODBII port or device to get the information from car instead they will deploy their own sensors.  All the information gathered will be displayed using a small screen in car, and this information will be sent to android mobile phone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 
Project will comprise of two parts hardware and software part. In hardware interfacing part student will write the code for arduino and setup the sensors, board and screen. For specific purposes students will use the specific sensor.  For software part student will write an application for android phone. student will be required to work on these parts simultaneously. You are not required to implement it on a real car.  You can just use a model of a car with specific sensors. 
Functional Requirements:
For Application
1.    A fully functional android application capable of communicating with arduino (Via Bluetooth) 
2.    Application will show current values related to car, Engine temperature, Coolant temperature, in cabin outside temperature and voltage.
3.    Application will maintain the daily log of these values. 
4.    Reports on Engine temperature, Coolant temperature, in cabin outside temperature and voltage.  User will be able to view the reports on various dates. 
For Hardware
1.    Arduino board setup along with code to control the door locks and lights. 
2.    Relay modules properly setup.
3.    LCD to display current status in car
Important Notes:
1.       Students will buy his/her own hardware. Virtual university will not provide hardware or financial assistance to buy hardware. 
2.       Students will not implement it on a real car; instead they can use a model of car made of paper/hard board etc , 
3.       C code will be used for arduino and Java for the mobile application.
Android Studio, NetBeans IDE, JDK, Arduino IDE 
Name:  Muhammad Imran
Email ID:
Skype ID:
Agile File Master App
Project Domain / Category
 Android Mobile App
Abstract / Introduction
Agile File Master is a file management app for Android that allows you to work with your files in a similar way to how you would do it on a computer, supporting functions like copying, pasting, and cropping.
File Master can also work with files on the cloud, including Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive. You just have to set up your account on these services and then you can start working with your files.
Some of the interesting features in File Master include a miniature preview of your photographs while you are working with them and the ability to move APK files from installed applications.
Manage your files efficiently and easily with this File Master, Agile File Master helps you handle all your files, whether they are stored in your device’s memory, MicroSD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.
Functional Requirements:
Following are the functional requirements that File Master has to manage.
1.    Light and savvy file explorer: Search, access, save, move, delete, or share files that are stored in your smart device's internal storage to or from a MicroSD card, LAN, or Cloud storage accounts and vice-versa.
2.    Access files in LAN: Manage files within your LAN (local area network).
3.    More storage options via Cloud storages: Supports cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
4.    Suave and smooth multimedia streamlining: Stream multimedia files such as music or videos or open documents, pictures, or photos stored in any of your Cloud storage accounts
5.    Save disk space by packaging files: Compress files to save space of your storage and extract compressed files in Zip and RAR formats
6.    Easy file browsing: Browse files easily by category right from the File Master’s home screen: images, videos, music, applications, downloaded, and favorites.
7.    Disk tools: Storage analyzer, recycle bin and hidden cabinet let you manage your disk easily.
8.    Home Screen Shortcuts: Tap and hold a category to create a shortcut on the Home screen.
9.    Fast path navigation: Tap the path name to select files from different folders.
10.Toolbar: Manage your selected files easily with the toolbar.
Development environments / IDEs for Android application
Android SDK
Java and xml 
SqLite database tool
Name: Fouzia Jumani
Email ID:
Skype ID: fouziajumani

Android Messenger
Project Domain 
Mobile Application
Android Messenger will be an online messenger for android-based mobile phones. This mobile application will help users to communicate online in real-time via sending and receiving text, images and audio / video files transfer. Online users from all around the world can talk with each other through audio and video using Internet free of cost. This application will facilitate communication among users anytime, anywhere using their smart phone / cell phone.     
Functional Requirements:
1.    Should do user registration, login/logout
2.    Able to comminute / chat among users online through text messages 
3.    Should be able to work with 3G or 4G and/or Wi-Fi
4.    Able to share photos / images in your phone gallery with your friends in real-time (oneto-one photo sharing)
5.    Communicate with groups in real time through text messages (Group text chat)
6.    Should share text files, images (able to do basic file-sharing) among friends/family  
7.    Express yourself by sending emojis, stickers, and GIFs to conversations
1.    IDE:  Android Studio 2.3 (or later) for Windows
2.    Programming Language: Java
3.    Database: SQLite / any other DB you like 
4.    Unified Modelling Language(UML): Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose
Name: Haseeb Akmal
Email ID: Skype ID: HaseebAkmal
Android Call Recorder
Project Domain / Category
Mobile Apps
Abstract / Introduction  
Sometimes, you just really need to know exactly what someone said on a call; whether it’s an important discussion with your colleagues or a brainstorming session with your business partner, there are times when you might want to keep a record of your conversations so that you can refer to them later. But if you aren’t recording your calls, those details may escape you.
If you’re looking for ultimate ease of use, Android Call Recorder may be the best choice out there. You can set up the app to record all calls or just record calls from specific contacts and choose which calls you want to save or share.
Functional Requirements:
             There are the following functional requirements for Android Call Recorder application;
1.       No root device is needed (i.e. needed to implement proper background services). 
2.       Record all incoming and outgoing phone call on basis of these two modes;
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Automatic Mode: record calls automatically.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Manual Mode: after each call ask user to keep recording or not.
3.       Filter option: record all, contacts to record and contacts to ignore etc.
4.       Add title/note with any call; use SQLite database to store data. 
5.       Search for a recording by title/note.
6.       Organize call records; view all calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates.
7.       Mark calls to favourite list.
8.       Support mp3, amr and wav audio format.
9.       Play back, save/delete audio files to/from SD card features.
10.  Auto delete feature to delete calls after specific days.
1. IDE: Android Studio 
2. Programming language: Java / Kotlin 3. Database: SQLite Supervisor: 
Name: Muhammad Imran Afzal
Email ID:
Skype ID: imranafzal126

Music Listening App
Project Domain / Category
Mobile Apps
Abstract / Introduction
The proposed mobile app allows users to tailor their music listening experience using the metadata. Each song has its associated metadata (for example, album of the song, year of release, genre, tempo and artist etc.). User will have to provide the metadata of a song while saving it into its music library. While listening to music, the app will automatically select the next song based on the user’s preferences (the values of metadata selected). For example, a user may select that I want to listen to fast music released in 2017 then the app will automatically select the next song that is fast and is released in the year specified. 
Functional Requirements
1.    The user will be able to add a new song to the library (in the app) by providing the following metadata regarding the song:
a.    Artist(s)
b.    Year of release
c.     Album of the song
d.    Genre
e.    Tempo 
2.    While saving a new song in the library, the user will select one or more artist(s) from a list of artists already present in the database. If the artist(s) of the song is/are not already present in the database then user will first add the artist(s) in database. Now the new artist(s) will also appear in the list and user can select it/them.
3.    While saving a new song in the library, the user will select album of the song from a list of albums already present in the database. If the album of the song is not already present in the database then user will first add the album in database. Now the new album will also appear in the list and user can select it.
4.    While saving a song, user can select one of the following as its genre: a. Rock 
b.    Folk
c.     Pop
d.    Jazz
e.    Classical
f.      Hip hop
5.    While saving a song, user can select one of the following as its tempo: a. Slow
b.    Mildly slow
c.     Moderate
d.    Slightly fast
e.    Fast
6.    While listening to the music, user must be able to select metadata values that are relative to the current song or some absolute values. 
7.    When the user selects the metadata values that are relative to the current song then he/she can select:
a.    Next song should be either of the same artist(s) or of different artist(s)
b.    Next song should be newer or older (determined by the year of release)
c.     Next song should be of the same album or from a different album
d.    Next song should be of the same genre or of a different genre
e.    Next song should be faster, slower or of the same tempo as the current song
8.    When the user selects an absolute metadata value of the song then he/she can select the exact values of:
a.    Artist(s)
b.    Year of release
c.     Album of the song
d.    Genre
e.    Tempo 
9.    The application must automatically determine the next song to be played on the basis of the metadata values selected by the user. For example if a user has selected particular values of metadata and only three songs in the library match these metadata values then the songs will be played in the following order:
a.    Song 1
b.    Song 2
c.     Song 3
After song 3, song 1 will be played again. This cycle will continue until the user changes metadata values. Tools: 
Name: Yasar Mehmood
Email ID:
Skype ID: yasar.mehmood111
Personal Budget Management System (PBMS)
Project Domain / Category Android Mobile App.
Abstract / Introduction
A personal budget management is a finance plan that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment. Past spending and personal debts are considered when creating a personal budget. Budgeting is the most basic and effective tool for managing our monthly income.  But most people avoid doing it because they think keeping record of budget or expense is hectic task.
Recording monthly expenses on paper is very difficult as modification, removal and searching is not easy on paper. Similarly using any which run on our computer like MS excel or any other tool is also clumsy. Because will have to note all expenses on paper then later record them all on tool installed on computer. Better solution use mobile application to keep record of every expense easily at any location. 
In this project, your task is develop an Android based application which will be used to manage personal budget. Your application should fulfill following requirements.
This project has the following basic requirements:
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Application should be a mobile based app which will run only on Android. 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]User should be able to create a monthly budget or expenses plan. 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]There should be option to create different categories of expense like medicine, grocery, rent, etc…
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Allocate budge to each category
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Add items in category and permissible money of this item. 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Alert the user if planned expense of any category reaches its limit. 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]Able to remove and update any item or its price in any category. 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]User should be able to see expense details of each category 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]At the end of month left over money in any category should be added to savings.
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]If in any category expense exceed to its limit then excessive money should be added to debts. 
[font=Times New Roman]     [/font]User should be able to see bar and line chart on the basis of per month for monthly expenses and comparison of monthly expenses of any category. 
These are some basic requirements of application. Student should add more and detailed requirements in SRS document. 
1.    Android Studio
2.    Xamarin
Name:       Muhammad Ahmad Lodhi
Email ID:
Skype ID: ahmad_lodhi

Like mind matches application
Project Domain / Category
Android Application
1         The Religion of Islam has encouraged marriage and has ordered Muslims to help to have unmarried believers marry. Our Prophet, Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) is a good model in this way. Scholars conclude that marriage is a duty for all the Muslims that have the proper circumstances to create a family and that are afraid of fornication.
There are following hadiths about this issue: Narrated ‘Alqama and ‘Abdullah:
2         “O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty (i.e. his private parts from committing illegal sexual

Financial Helper Using QR/Barcode Scanner

Project Domain / Category
Mobile/Android based Application

This project will be developed to scan the QR code or a barcode through mobile and analyze
the cheapest rate of any product on various Supermarkets. This is a camera-based system to
scan the barcode behind the image and read the description of the product with the help of Id
stored in the barcode. This is very beneficial in case of finding out the description of product
among price and thus helping us in deciding to purchase a product with cheapest rate. In order
to use this system, all the user needs to do is scan the barcode on the product through mobile
phone camera and resolves the barcode to find out the Id stored. This is now easy to
implement as most of the mobile phones today have the required resolution in order to scan
the barcode to identify the Id stored in it and read out the product description. Description of
every product among its price and store’s name will be stored in the database. This project
can be implemented in any shopping mall, supermarket, Bookstores etc.

Functional Requirements:
✓ System should be able to read the barcode through mobile camera and abstract the
descriptions of product from barcode.
✓ System should able to use the mobile camera to take the picture of barcode.
✓ System should abstract the detail of product from the picture that has been taken by
mobile camera and save the description in a repository.
✓ System should compare the price of product with other prices on other store.
✓ If it finds the less price of the same product in other store, It can suggest the user to
postponed the product to buy.

[NOTE: Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.]

Android Studio, My SQL

Name: Abdul Qahhar Mohsin
Email ID:
Skype ID: aqmohsin

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