BIO101 Biology Final Term Past Paper 2018

It was my paper of BIO101 today, hope it would be helpful for future students.

What are gymnosperms? Give one example. 2 Marks
How recombinant DNA is made? Enlist the steps. 2 Marks
Give flower formula? 2 Marks
What is the Difference between promoters and termination sequence? 2 Marks
What was Mendel’s finding? 3 Marks
Enlist steps for transgenic for making transgenic plant? 3 Marks
What are parasites? Give examples. 3 Marks
Explain atrioventricular, tricuspid valve, bicuspid valve of heart? 3 Marks
Explanation about: 5 Marks
·[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Mitochondria
·[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Plastids
·[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Ribosomes
Label the diagram of cotyledon seed. 5 Marks
What is the life cycle of drug? 5 Marks
What is the procedure for making transgenic plant? 5 Marks

Nida Arshad.

Great! Thank you for sharing Nida.

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