BT101 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

BT (101) –Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution

Assignment 1:


Question NO. 1. Write the example of when two difference species might compete for the same pray?
1. A wolf and fox both hunt rabbits.
2. Great white sharks and orcas eat sea lions.
3. Gross hopper and rabbits are the example of predator different species that compete for the same pray.

Question NO. 2: What is the difference between the concept of food chain and food web?
Ans.: Food chain.
The material flow from one tropic level to next by means of food chains and food web. A food chain is a series of organisms within an ecosystem in which each organism feed on the before it and is fed by one after it.

Question NO. 3:    Draw a complete food web of following organisms? (Owl, birds, grass hopper, mice, grains, fox, rabbit, carrot). You can add either picture of animal or just write down the name. Use proper arrows and mention whether it is herbivore, carnivore, producer, consumer, omnivore, decomposer etc. 


Download attached file for Solution Diagrams.

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