CS001 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017
Computer Proficiency License  (CS001)
Assignment # 02

Questions No 01

a)    Create a worksheet with the name “Question 1”
  • Merge Cells for Student DMC title.
  • Enter your VU student id and name below the title.
  • Create four columns (Subject Code, Subject, Total Marks & Obtained Marks).
  • Make the column headers as bold.
  • Enter marks for five subjects as shown in above figure.
  • At the end merge cells for “Total” and “Percentage”.
  • Type formula to calculate total marks obtained by student and his/her percentage.
  • Make the “Total” and “Percentage” as bold.


b)      Create bar chart on data provided in above figure for subject and obtained marks

Questions No 02 

Create a worksheet with the name “Question 2”
  • Create four columns with the name (Department, Employee Name, Hire Date & Salary) as shown in above figure.
  • Enter sample data as shown in above figure.
  • Create a filter on each column name.
Create a custom sort which will first sort the above data by “Department” in ascending order, then by Employee Name(ascending) and finally by “Salary “ (Largest to smallest).


Download attached file for complete solution. Open the file in Microsoft Excel(you need that), edit the details in the appropriate columns.

  1. You need to add your Student ID in the appropriate column.
  2. You need to write your Name in the appropriate column.
  3. If you want, you can change the dummy data so that your solution is different from others.
  4. Go to Question 2 sheet from the bottom bar(below the sheet at left corner)
  5. Edit dummy data, change the names or other details so that your data is different from others.
Save the file and submit your solution.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. 

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