CS401 All Current Final Term Papers 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 20 August 2016 to 02 September 2016  to help each other. Thanks

My today (20-08-2016) paper of CS401-Assembly language Programming 

Mostly MCQ’s were from past papers (MOAZ), overall mcqs were easy. 
1. Which two basic system programs are used to start the computer (2)
2. Write name of different drivers (2)
3. What is programmer’s view of processor? (2)
4. What are the two views Parallel port? 
5. While hooking our interrupt 8h , should we disable interrupt 8h or not , also give reason (3) 
6. INT to read disk, how it read disk also mention four attributes (5)
7. Differentiate order of parameters in PASACAL and C (3)
8. Write functionality of the given DB-25 PINS ….PIN 2 to PIN 9, PIN 10 , and PIN 18 to PIN 25 (3)
9. Int multiply(int x , int y) , write Assembly code to call this C function from Assembly program (5)
10. What does store Process control block and how many bytes are required. (5)
Remember me in your prayers.

Current Today final CS 401 paper 

Q1 Which purpose INT 1 is used and distribe the functionality of this interrupt? (2)
Q2 Explain purpose the following two instruction? (2)
Mov word [es:0*4] myisr
Mov word [es:0*4+2].cs
Q3 Which area on the flopy disk is resolved for string the data of stored fils ? 
Q4 Which processor allows in direct assecs ? (2)
Q5 For which purpose INT 3 is used of describe the functional of this interrupt ? (3)
Q6 Which interrupt is used to reset disk file system and how can we reset this file system ? (3)
Q7 In C of Pascal calling convention qwhich register are used as scratch when we call a function ? (3)
Q8 What is the working of screen scrolling program and write the name of the most importance instruction used in that program ? (3)
Q9 What is the contents of the starting position of the file designated as device drive and mention important attribute of this drive file ? (5)
Q10 Consider the function “Int multiply(int x,int y)” declared in C,write the code to called this function from Assembly language ? (5)
Q11 Write Assembly language instruction to set the timmer interrupt frequency at 1ms ? (5)
Q12 Which the code to hook INT 4 of the processor by changing is vector with the address of a new routine “int hook” 
Note : You are just required to write the code for interrupt hooking no further detail

CS401 Current Final Term Papers 2016 solved

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