CS403 Assignment 1 help required

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There is any solution model for me to get an idea on how to make the context data flow diagram mentioned in question 1 of CS403 assignment. 
And also how to draw Level 0 Data flow diagram from the given scenario, can anyone mention any examples from the Database Management Systems handouts that will help in understanding level zero DFD?

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Hello there buddy, good to see you here Smile

With question 1, you'll find the perfect example at page 60-61 of CS403 Database Management Systems handouts.
Basically in Context Data Flow Diagram, you have to show the single process from your given scenario and show its interactions with the other entities mentioned in the scenario.
For example in CS403 assignment 1, question one: Our single process is, Food Order System, and other entities could be Customer, Manager, Kitchen etc. and you have to draw arrows to show how they are interacting. See the example from handouts to get the idea.
And for question 2, to draw Level 0 Data Flow Diagram take a look at the example from page 112-115 of CS403 handouts. A detailed example is being solved there, I'm sure you'll understand well enough on how to draw Level 0 data flow diagram.

Let me know if you have anymore question, I'll be happy to help further.

Much appreciated.
Can you tell me the difference between level 0 data flow diagram (dfd) and level 1 data flow diagram?

They are the same, what in our book is referred to as level zero, is usually referred to as level 1, and level 0 is sometimes referred to as Context DFD.
But normally it is CDFD, Level 1 DFD and Detailed DFD.
But in our handouts, it is as CDFD (Context Data Flow Diagram) Level 0 DFD and Detailed DFD.

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