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CS508 Modern Programming Languages
Graded Discussion Board - Spring 2018

GDB Topic:

The Internet of Things (IoTs) can be described as connecting everyday objects like smart-phones, Internet TVs, sensors and actuators to the internet where the devices are intelligently linked together enabling new forms of communication between things and people, and between things themselves. Building IoTs has advanced significantly in the last couple of years since it has added a new dimension to the world of information and communication technologies.
Smart home is an application of IoT which will add intelligence to home environment and will increase quality of life especially to disabled persons. The idea is to connect different home devices connected through smart phone.
Question: Which of these languages: “Java” or “C++” is suitable for development of mentioned system and why? Also justify your choice. Write brief solid points for chosen language.


I think Java should be chosen for this smart home application, because java is independent of hardware so it will be easy to develop applications and they will be deploy-able on all devices that can run Java Virtual Machine. 

Note: Try to write in your own words. Do not copy/paste.

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