CS601 spring 2016 assignment # 1 solution

Q ii: Which OSI layers deal with error control?
Ans: (i) Data Link Layer deals with error control. Data link layer adds reliability to physical layer by adding mechanisms to detect and retransmit lost or damaged frames. Also uses a mechanism to prevent duplication of frames. Also uses a mechanism to prevent duplication of frames.
Error Control bits are added to the form in the TRAILER.
(ii) Transport layer is also responsible for the Error Control. Error control is performed end-to-end. This layer makes sure that entire message reaches Rx Transport layer w/o error. Error can be a result of Lost, damaged or duplicated data and usually Re Tx is done.

Q iii: To ensure unauthorized use of data, it should be encrypted and decrypted during the transmission. Which OSI layer performs encryption and decryption?
Ans: Presentation Layer is concerned with Syntax and Semantics of info exchange between two systems. This Layer Encrypt, Encode and compress data and also perform Decryption, Decoding and Decompressing Data process.

Q v: What is the effect of Compression in data transmission?
Ans: Compression reduces the number of bits to be transmitted. Compression of Data becomes particularly important in transmission of multimedia such as text, audio and video.

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