CS601 Assignment 3 Solution

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 3 Solution - Fall 2016

Question No. 1
For Digital to Digital Encoding, different techniques are used in data communication.  You are required to select and write all those techniques from the following which are used for Digital to Digital Encoding:
  1. Differential Manchester 
  2. Amplitude Shift Keying
  3. NRZ-I
  4. Frequency Shift Keying
  5. Frequency Modulation
  6. Frequency Reducing Key
  7. NRZ
  8. Time division multiplexing
  9. Frequency Division Multiplexing
  10. Phase Modulation
  11. Bi phase 
  12. Amplitude modulation
  13. HDB3
  14. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  15. Manchester Encoding Scheme
  16. 4 PSK
  17. Asynchronous TDM
  18. Phase Shift Keying
  19. ATM 
  20. AMI 
For solving question 1, please refer to the article Data Conversions and Encoding Techniques
All data conversion types and encoding techniques are categorized and listed in the article. 

Question No. 2 Solution

For calculating baud rate, see the following example from CS601 Data Communication handouts, Page 93

A constellation diagram consists of eight equally spaced points on a circle. If bit rate is
4800 bps, what is the Baud Rate?

Constellation indicates 8 PSK with the points 45 degree apart
Baud Rate= 4800 / 3 = 1600 baud  
If you don't understand anything or have any questions, feel free to post them below

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