CS603 GDB Solution Spring 2018
CS603 - Software Architecture and Design 

GDB Spring 2018

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A famous fast food chain wants to computerize the cash management of its all sales points in the city, for this purpose the famous chain consults the software development company and asks them to develop an application that manages its cash on computer. The software development team makes the software and deploys it on all sales points without testing its prototype. What do you think it’s a good approach to deploy the software without testing its prototype? Justify your answer.


I do not think it is a good approach. Testing is most important and a required step before implementing the software. As this software has to be deployed on multiple locations, prototype testing is necessary because if there is a bug in the software, it has to be fixed and re-deployed on all locations again. 

Note: Please write in your own words, do not copy paste or we all will get zero marks. 

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