CS603 Mid Term Past Papers
CS603 Software Architecture and Design

Current Mid Term Papers - Spring 2018

Paper 1:
Subjective Questions:

1.     Difference between Process and design process.
2.     What is the purpose of Requirement Elicitation?
3.     How you manage project staffing and project activities as software designer.
4.     write 5 benefits or good design
5.     what is project design and write any three task?
Paper 2:
Subjective Questions:

1.    In context of UML, explain data flow and control.
2.    write 2 activities names which are performed during product design phase. {ans. requirement elicitation and analysis of requirements.}
3.    what is difference between product design and product engineering design in terms of occurrence. {ans, product design occurs first then product engineering design.}
4.    what is software product design and software engineering design?

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