CS604 GDB Idea

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Basic Page Replacement[/font]
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The previously discussed page-fault processing assumed that there would be free frames available on the free-frame list. Now the page-fault handling must be modified to free up a frame if necessary, as follows:

1) Find the location of the desired page on the disk, either in swap space or in the file system.
2) Find a free frame:
A. If there is a free frame, use it.
B. If there is no free frame, use a page-replacement algorithm to select an existing frame to be replaced, known as the victim frame.
C. Write the victim frame to disk. Change all related page tables to indicate that this page is no longer in memory.
3) Read in the desired page and store it in the frame. Adjust all related page and frame tables to indicate the change.
4) Restart the process that was waiting for this page.

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