CS605 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

CS605: Software Engineering II
Assignment No. 02
Semester: Fall 2017


The objective of this assignment is to learn:
  • Defect removal efficiency
  • Metrics for specification quality

Question No. 1
Mira Soft is a software house which has completed a project of Human Resource Management (HRM) system for one of its client. During the development of this software, 65 errors were found before delivery of this software. After completion, this HRM system was delivered to the client. Within only 8 months of operations after delivery, the client reported 25 errors in this system. You are required to find the Defect Removal Efficiency for this project. And fill in the following table:


DRE = E/(E+D)

E = 65
D = 25

DRE = 65/90
DRE = 0.72

Question No. 2
First-Tech software house is currently working on a project of developing Transaction Management System. For this project functional requirements are 16, and non-functional requirements are 4. Number of requirements for which all reviewers had identical interpretation are 10.
Keeping metrics for specification quality in mind you are required to calculate lack of ambiguity in the requirements for this project and provide your answer in given table:


Q = Nui/Nr
Nui = Unambiguous Requirements = 10
Nr = Total Requirements = Functional Requirements + Non Functional Requirements = 16 + 4 = 20

Q = 10/20
Q = 0.50

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