CS608 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Software Verification and Validation 
Semester fall 2018
Assignment No.1 Solution
Question: 01
Assume that you are working as a QA manager in Quality Enhancement Cell of a software house. Your responsibility is to ensure the quality-oriented process and product implementation.  In your opinion what are the possible advantages that can be provided by software quality? Briefly describe at least five
1.     Enhanced and imaginative procedures
2.     Higher gainfulness
3.     Enhanced employee assurance
4.     Upgraded shareholder and stakeholder esteem
5.     Enhanced client center and fulfillment
Question: 02
Suppose that you are working as a senior member in soft tech. software house and your manager assign you a task of requirement elicitation from a client. For that you will arrange a meeting with a client. After the meeting you were realized that client did not give you enough information about some software requirements and you want to arrange another meeting with client but he will not give you more time and you have strict deadline so without discussing it with your manager you were decide to start work according to your understanding and experience. You were added some more functionalities for the enhancement of the software. When software is completed and delivered to client, he will reject it by commenting that it is not quality oriented as he was needed. In your opinion, what is the lacking or reasons of poor quality of software in this project? Briefly describe at least three reasons.
1)     Requirements Completeness Issue:
The requirements completeness issue is broken into three stages.
The initial step includes characterizing the issue to be explained (for which the requirements are to be created).
The second step includes creating the requirements as per a procedure which will deterministically guarantee "finish" requirements.
At last, the requirements are checked for completeness.
2)     Functional Enhancement:
Maybe more functional enhancement caused lacking and reasons of poor quality of software. Due to making too many functional enhancements without discussing it with a manager, we forgot the requirements that being analyzed and required quality oriented as the client was needed.
3)     Requirements Change:
Maybe clients needs evolved over time, during the time it takes to build up a system the clients' needs may develop due to increased knowledge expedited by the advancement activities, or they may move to another set of requirements.
On the off chance that such changes are not suited, the first requirements set will wind up incomplete.
Question: 03
A software house starts working on a new project “A Mobile Banking Service System”. Following are some tasks that the software development team performed during the project. You are required to identify which are the requirements come under Static or Dynamic V&V. 

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