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A part of Software Engineering community claims that a “Prototype” is part of requirements elicitation as it helps to refine the requirements further. On the other hand, in second stance, some people claim it to be part of the design process as it provides a base (e.g. interface design etc.) for developing an operational product.

Write your opinion with solid reasoning.


Although Prototyping can be used in both phases, it is a more useful technique when it comes to requirement elicitation. When we're developing a software where user interaction is to happen for example a web based system, prototypes are used to get user feedback on modules which is recorded to clarify requirements for the system. Hence it is mostly part of the requirement elicitation. Even though it is also used in testing and design phase of the software development life cycle. 

Note: Please do not copy paste or we all will get zero marks. Write in your own words. 

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