CS610 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment No. 01
Semester: Spring 2018

CS610: Computer Network

Question – 1


Suppose a multinational organization has computer network of 600 devices in its head office where its LAN has different segments. It also has different offices situated in different cities which are connected with head office. Considering above scenario, answer the following questions.


1.     All computers in LAN of head office will be centrally managed by some central device, then which type of topology will be used in this LAN.

2.     All computers in LAN are using CSMA/CD (carrier Sense Multi Access/Collision Detection) for medium access, then which type of network technology is being used by this network.

3.     Which hardware device will be used to connect computer with network?

4.     It has 15 computers in its finance department which are directly connected with each other, then how many connections will be required?

5.     Which device will be used to connect offices of different cities?

6.     Administrator wants to check the connectivity of the device situated in remote site then which tool will be used to check connectivity.
7.     Administrator wants to check the detailed information and wants to see all devices that will come in the way while accessing its remote office website situated in Norway, then which tool will be used for this purpose?

Question – 2

In a shared network transmission, how much time is required to send a packet of 2500 bytes size over 120Kbps network? You are required to calculate the answer in seconds. Complete calculation is required.


Download attached file for Complete Solution of CS610 Assignment 1 Spring 2018.

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