CS625 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

CS625 - Professional Practices
Assignment No. 1
Semester: Fall 2018

Complete Assignment Solution of CS625

Q NO 1: You are the owner of ABC Software Tech. One of your employee leak confidential information of your software house accidentally.
How would you respond in a way that is legal, moral, and ethical? Briefly explain.


  1. I would conduct a meeting with the person involved breaching the information to know the scope of information breached, so I can compensate whosoever faced the consequences due to this breach of information
  2. I would then make the person involved going through the privacy policy of the company to not make such a thing happen in the future. 
  3. I would try to fill the gaps that have made the breach of data, and also the other ways that could breach the data.
  4. After all the deliberation, I would update the mechanism the way a company deals with confidential information wherever the gaps found.
  5. Also to release announcement to remind the rest of my employees regarding the privacy policy.
Q No 2: From each of these workplace scenarios, unethical behavior is demonstrated. Explain how professional ethics are violated.
Scenario 1: The virtual university is about to train a number of employees in a new course. The presence of each employee is mandatory but two employees are refusing to attend the training.

  1. It is unethical because it is the responsibility of the employee to obey the instructions of the institute. By refusing to attend the training, employees are violating the contract that has been agreed between the institute and the employees. 
  2. By refusing to attend the training, it is also injustice with the students who are going to learn the course as employees would not be updated about the course when students would ask questions regarding the course.
Scenario 2: A dentist performs unnecessary actions on a patient in order to get the insurance payment.

  1. It is unethical as the dentist swindling the insurance company by doing unnecessary actions to get payment from them.
  2. Also, it is violating the oath that a doctor/dentist take to cure the patient. By unnecessary actions on a patient, dentist is impairing the patient further.  

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