Do you have any pets?

I have a dog. I used to have fishes, turtles, and even a hamster.

I have a cat named Moon. She has been a lovely addition to the family. Her presence simply just makes me feel loved and I cannot imagine my life without her.

I had a lovely lady cat named Nina. It seems having animals close reduces the stress we face on our daily lives. Whenever i had a bad day there she was meowing to calm me down. She helped a lot around the house too hunting down insects and small rodents.

Currently I have two parrots, earlier I had fish. Far most interesting pet I've ever had was a chameleon  Big Grin I bought him in Tunisia, on marketplace and brought him home. Considering he was born in desert, climate in my country didn't fit him so he became very skinny and although I did everything in my power to force him to eat he denied every time and bit me. I felt very sorry for my pet so I took him to local Zoo where he was put in terrarium and got better as time passed by. 

In future I am planning to buy or adopt a dog. I would like a pug, because  I am sooo in love with those silly, dedicated and loving dogs ever since I saw that one in Man in Black  [Image: heart.png][Image: smile.png]
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQj6AlquHC6gNwNAkAW93U...aijd2iuI_D]

I don't have a pet at the moment. But I have had dogs, cats, fish, turtle, snake, chicken, parrots, pigeons, goats, and maybe a few others too. I enjoy petting and love animals, but now just don't have the time to pet. But I'd like to have some birds or fish again in the future.

Yes, I have a dog that is almost 3 years old right now.  Big Grin I have always liked dogs since I was a child and to this day they continue to be my favorite pets because they are amazing!  Cool My oldest dog died at the age of 15, due to natural causes.  Sad

I have a precious kitty I love, her name is Duchess and she's three years old. By now I'm pretty sure she owns me instead of the other way around! She's prissy and definitely a handful, but I love her so much that I don't mind. She likes to be pet at all times, and my clothes are always full of her fur, but she's a darling.

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