Do you know any tips for studying?

Recently I've been struggling with my exams. Can anyone help me with some tips?

Try learning for let say 30 minutes and then rest 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes do something to relax your brain like play some basic mobile games. Do cycles like this and then repeat the whole literature at the end.

When I sit to study, I usually study for about 50 minutes or one hour and take a break of 10-15 minutes and repeat. More importantly, you might want to keep your phone away or anything that has the potential to distract you. Make good notes, change pens once in a while, change study positions. Do not memorize words, understand them. If you do not understand something and would rather memorize, read it 10 times, say it 10 times and write it 2 times, it will get registered in your brain. Use your own words when making notes, it will help you think about the subject. Keep your notes organized and neat, highlight important points. Set a schedule to study and take breaks and make time to get enough sleep. Balance is key so manage your time efficiently and give it your 100%. Good luck!

Split the chapter of the book into smaller ones  and put a candy (or whatever someone likes) between the pages where 'your' chapters are ending. When you reach end of the chapter eat a candy as a reward [Image: biggrin.png] but you have to be fair to yourself - no cheating just to get the candy. Also, to memorize things - write down each first letter of word you need to memorize and form some formula that would be easy to remember. For example if you need to learn these words: car, magnet, brush, glass and mirror - letters are C,M,B,G and M sou you can make a formula like this ''MCMBG-  MCM (line of clothes) and BG (be good)  [Image: biggrin.png] it works for me [Image: wink.png]

Try to find a way to fidget. I always try to put anything between my thumb and index finger just to twist/roll it. For some reason, I find it stimulating and helps me keep focus. Aside from that, you could try visual memorization techniques, by using your imagination to see what something actually does or what you perceive it does, the human mind is capable of processing images faster than they can process words!

Try to learn the concepts, don't just try to remember everything. Set up a schedule for lessons, try to learn a topic or a lesson every day for each subject. If you don't understand anything, don't leave it out, search on internet or ask your teacher or a friend to guide you about it. And repeat the topics you have learnt so they set in your lasting memory. If there is a specific topic or subject you need help with, you can ask here in Subjects section and we'll try to help you out.

I think it's very important to figure out what is your learning style. In fact that's the first step you should take!

Your learning style will tell you how do you process information and therefore, after figuring it out, you can exploit it for your advantage.

You can be Visual (That means, you learn by visualizing, reading and watching), Auditory (You prefer sounds, speeches, songs and normal classes), Kinesthetic (You learn by movement; touching, writing, experiencing in a physical way), or a combination of all the others.

If you can determine what is your learning style, then you can focus on following all the other super helpful tips found here!

Sleep is very important. Make sure you're getting enough of it. Also, don't cram for exams. Generally speaking, it doesn't work. instead, studying should be a gradual thing. Note, you can review for an exam at the last minute - and that's recommended, but don't cram.

(06-18-2017, 05:42 PM)ipa07 Wrote:  Try learning for let  say 30 minutes and then rest 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes do something to relax your brain like play some basic mobile games. Do cycles like this and then repeat the whole literature at the end.

This has been my technique for ages now. It has been proven that our time of concentration peaks at 20 minutes. Whenever I study I try to study fo 20-30 min then listen to a song or watch a video and return later. It's a difficult technique because it's very easy to get dispersed and the breaks have to be very short. But it always worked for me

For you to be able to study effectively, your body system must be willing to assimilate. You should take time to know the best time for your study, it could be very early in the morning, late night, or in the afternoon. You should also try to discover the best environment suitable for you to study. You also find out your best study position, either sitting or lying down

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