EDU601 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

EDU601 - Philosophy of Education
Assignment 1 Fall 2017

Dialectic teaching method:
It's a dialogue between two or more people holding different point of views about a subject which is taught by the teacher in the school to find the truth, arguments and knowledge.
A method of argument or exposition that systematically weighs contradictory factsor ideas with aview to the resolution of their real or apparent contradictions.
The art or practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments.
How it is used to teach philosophy at graduate level?
Its method is used at graduate level because it is a process of communication between two people. If we take the example of education so we says that it's a dialogue linking teacher and student in a class to create new information, knowledge. In this dialogue teachers and students share their ideas to find out the new ideas. So it is helpful to explore the information about the subject at graduate level.

Explanation about reason:
1. It is used to solve the issues or problems that is to be created in the classrooms. Problems could be subject related after reading subject and also could be lecture related when teacher giving the lecture to his class.
2. It is used to solve the problems of teachers. When teacher appearance the problems during his lecture. He contacts his colleague and create dialogue to give information to improve his topic.
Names of pedagogical rules:
Three rules used for pedagogy. Names are given below.
1) Child should be free from infancy
2) Child should understand the others to do same things
3) Child should understand that he is being educated for freedom
Rule no 1:
According to this rule, child understand that he is free from his infancy. He can do whatever he wants. He can do every activities in the classroom whether it is related to subject or not.
Rule no 2:
According to this rule, child understand that as if he can do every type of activities in the classroom the other colleagues, the other child also can do every activities as same.
Rule no 3:
According to this rule, child should understand that he is being educated or well-disciplined for the sake of his freedom. After getting education he can freely use his knowledge for the people of citizen and he can make the citizen of whole world.
No 1
Philosopher: Plato
Explanation: It is the responsibility of teachers to free his students from the darkness and take them to back to light.
No 2
Philosopher: Socrates
Explanation: He said that the ignorance lead to people to the looseness of knowledge. So people do not ignore everything whether it is knowledge or truth or reality.
No 3
Philosopher: Plato
Explanation: He expressed that man and women are considered equal if talk about to getting education. Both should get education at equal level to become best philosopher or ruler.
No 4
Philosopher: Immanuel Kant
Explanation: He believed that teachers must use science with philosophy. He worked to combine science and philosophy in his life.
No 5
Philosopher: Socrates
Explanation: According to this philosopher, we get knowledge through questioning from the others.
No 6
Philosopher: Plato
Explanation: He believed that through the use of idealism we could become an ideal man or ideal teacher because we create ideas through idealism.

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