ENG001 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Elementary English (Eng001)
Fall 2017
Assignment No. 2 Solution

[b][font=Times New Roman]Q1. [/font][/b][font=Times New Roman]Identify prefix, suffix, and root word from the given list of words. After completing the first part, use a dictionary to find the exact definition. [/font]


1. Demographic
Prefix: demo
Root: graph
Suffix: ic

Definition: a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc.)

2. [b]Sesquicentennial
Prefix: ses
Root: qui
Suffix: centennial

Definition: The 150th anniversary.

3. [b]Incontrovertible
Prefix: in
Root: controvert
Suffix: ible

Definition: Impossible to deny or disprove.

4. [b][font=Times New Roman]Photosynthesis[/b]

Prefix: photo
Root: synth
Suffix: esis

Definition: [font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman]Synthesis of compounds with the aid of radiant energy (especially in plants)

5. [font=Times New Roman]Pugilist[/font]
Prefix: pu
Root: gil
Suffix: ist

Definition: [font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman]Someone who fights with his fists for sport.

Q2. Read the paragraph carefully and underline all conjunctions. Write examples of each kind of conjunction in the given table.  


You may choose from black olives, onions, green peppers, and/or mushrooms. The vegetarian special has tomatoes and mushrooms. Today’s special is one large pizza or two small pizzas for 500 rupees. Each Pizza comes with free pasta or garlic bread. Although we specialize in pizza, we offer salads as well. When you’ve finished eating, we will happily box up the leftovers for you to take home. After we prep the ingredients, we begin to make the pizza. Because we use a secret ingredient, our pizzas taste great! Enjoy a salad while you wait for your pizza. We only use the finest ingredients to make pizzas. Whether you order one topping or ten, you’ll receive double portions! Both thick and thin crusts are the same price. We offer not only large pizza, but also extra-large pizzas! You can either dine in or take-away, the choice is yours.. Neither tax nor tip is included in the price.


For, And, OR, Nor, But


While, After, Because, Although, When,


Neither, Whether, Not only,

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