ENG101 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2018


Assignment 2 Solution
Semester: Fall 2018

Q1. Making inferences is all about reading between the lines, which means that you pick up the ideas that are not directly stated in the material you are reading. There are five scenarios given below; you have to infer where each scenario is taking place. 

a)     It felt wonderful to be outside, even if only for a little while! All the swings were already taken, and a group was playing softball on the diamond. Casey and I decided to use the monkey bars until the teacher called us.


Answer: A School Playground


b)     The room was dark and quiet. We heard Carl and his mother come in the front door talking. I heard two girls in the corner giggle nervously. Another girl told them to be quiet. I hid behind the table where the cake and presents were set out.  The tension in the room grew as we waited for them to open the door.

Answer: Birthday Party Surprise

c)     The line stretched forever. People put their bags on the floor and inched them forward. My father and I removed our shoes. There was an announcement about a gate change and a delay on an arrival from Chicago.

Answer: An Airport.

d)    I arrived early for my appointment. The place was busy and smelled of chemicals. I found a place to sit and wait. The lady next to me had a towel around her head. I heard a blow dryer in the distance. It was loud over the music that was playing.

Answer: A Hair Salon.

e)     As I entered the door, I thought this was a great way to end the day. The chalkboard menu had a list of specialties, like sundaes and banana splits. I looked at all the flavors.  Chocolate is my favorite, but peppermint sounded good, too.

Answer: An Ice-cream Shop

Q2. Revealing characters through actions is a common characterization technique followed by different writers. Given below is a paragraph of such type of characterization from "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. Read it carefully and underline the ten phrases which show specific actions of the characters in this paragraph. 


Mrs. Joe, throwing the door wide open, and finding an obstruction behind it, immediately divined the cause, and applied Tickler to its further investigation. She concluded by throwing me - I often served as a connubial missile - at Joe, who, glad to get hold of me on any terms, passed me on into the chimney and quietly fenced me up there with his great leg. Where have you been, you young monkey?" said Mrs. Joe, stamping her foot. "Tell me directly what you've been doing to wear me away with fret and fright and worrit, or I'd have you out of that corner if you was fifty Pips, and he was five hundred Gargerys." "I have only been to the churchyard," said I, from my stool, crying and rubbing myself. "Churchyard!" repeated my sister. "If it wasn't for me you'd have been to the churchyard long ago, and stayed there. Who brought you up by hand?" "You did," said I. "And why did I do it, I should like to know?" exclaimed my sister. I whimpered, "I don't know."


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