ENG101 Assignment No.1 Complete Solution Fall 2018

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Hello Shakha,
Kindly write the solution or share the assignment file here as well along with the link to your video. Otherwise, your posts will be removed.
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Written solution below...
Q1. Read the given dialogue carefully and use your comprehension skills to answer the questions that follow the dialogue. (2*5=10 Marks)
a) Select the most appropriate option from the given choices.
1. Why did the man buy dog food at the supermarket?
A. Their dog was hit by a truck and needed food.
B. The man adopts a dog from a stranger. (Correct)
C. The product was on sale at the supermarket.
D. The dog was in search of a thief.
2. Why does he buy tomato juice?
A. He plans on making a unique spaghetti sauce.
B. He wants to make a vegetable drink.
C. He's trying to modify the way he eats. (Correct)
D. He plans to take it with lunch.

3. How much was the milk for?
A. $2.05
B. $2.15
C. $2.50 (Correct)
D. $2.25
4. Which item did the man NOT buy?
A. A package of cookies.
B. Some cans of tuna.
C. A carton of orange juice. (Correct)
D. None of the given options.
5. Why does the woman get upset at the end of the conversation?
A. The man behaves with the woman harshly.
B. The man only bought one steak for himself.
C. She does not feel well.
D. The man is preparing the steaks for the dog. (Correct)

Q2. In the table given below, the words in column 2 have been created from the corresponding words in column 1 through the word-formation process. Read the words in column 2 carefully and then write down the respective word-formation process in column 3. The first one has been done for your guidance.
(10 Marks)
S. No. Column 1 Column 2 Word Formation Process
Example Smoke, fog Smog Blending
1. Automation Automate Backformation
2. Humid Humidifier Derivation
3. Love, seat Loveseat Compounding
4. Typographical error Typo Clipping
5. Aerobics, Marathon Aerobathon Blending
6. Act Deactivate Derivation
7. Perambulator Pram Clipping
8. Random Access Memory RAM Arconymy
9. Megabyte Meg Clipping
10. Teleprinter, exchange Telex Blending

Thank you for the solution Angry_Bird.

MGT101 Assignment soloution ??

(11-17-2018, 09:24 AM)Muhammad Yaseen Wrote:  MGT101 Assignment soloution ??

Kindly post the assignment questions in a new topic.

Solution required. upload

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