Fall 2017 Mid Term Exams

Current Mid Term Papers of Fall 2017

Cs501 today paper 9/12/2017
Mcq's 90% past papers ma sa thay
2 Q. 3 marks and 3 Q.5 marks k thy
Q.1 what is relative address and how can we represent it in structural RTL? 3 marks
Q.2 Diffence b/w Hardwired control unit and Microcoded control unit? 3 marks
Q.3 write four characteristics of SPARC register window? 5 marks
q.5 write 2 address and 3 address of expression
a=(b+c)*d_e? 5 marks
1 question 5 marks ka or tha wo mjy yad nh ?
Best of luck

Cs 402 9 Dec time 9:30
MCQ ,s are mostly in Past Papers and conceptual.
Subjective: 1)Palindrome with recursion .2) Draw FA with R.E 3) Draw NFA state. 4)Diagram di hoe thi un ko covert karna tha.

CS506 Today's Paper 9 December 2017.

8 MCQ’s was from past papers.
Q1. Explain Web Enterprise Level application in java.
Q2. Code of Abstract was given we have find errors from it.
Q3. Make some changing in code of Adapter class.
Q4. Write a program to communicate with client and send the port address.
Q5. This question was from paintComponent.

Today ECO401 paper.
total 18 questions. 12 mcqs and 6 subjective questions.
MCQs were not easy and not from past papers.

1. diffirentiate between longrun and short in economics? 3 marks
2. Sacarcity have three bacis economic questions regarding resources. so discusd these basic economic quetions. 3 mark
3. briefly explain the rational choices? 3 mark
4. its a numerical question to find out the average physical product. table was given. 5 mark
5. its also numerical questn to find out the marginal utility function, frm total utility function. 5 marks
6. this questn frm demand curv that if the prices of butter will be increase then what will be affect on equilibrium price? 5 mark.

CS506 Today's Paper Subjective Questions:
Q1: To read/write we use node stream but we want to send data then what we will use?
Q2: Write step by step method to create, connect, compile Database in java?
Q3: Create 2 classes. class 1 will show Course ID and course Title and Class 2 will create Course department and update Course ID and course Title. write complete code database with java.
Q4: Create class StudentName and StudentAddress. Add StudentName and StudentAddress after that Delete Stdents Address. Write complete code.

CS101 (Midterm Fall 2017) 9-12-2017

Q. What is a website and can we set any webpage as a homepage? Yes or NO?
Q. How can we enhance microprocessor?
Q. Write the code for
_________ |browse| |submit| (file input code)
Q.Match the following with their properties
Tables Drawing a flowchart
Graphics and drawings Find the antonym
Thesaurus For better presentation
Q. Write the code for the function of opening a window that is "http://www.vu.edu.pk"

CS302 paper today 9-12-17
11:00 am
Subjective Questions
1. Prove logical expression
2. SR latches NOR gate
3. ABEL operations
4.5 statements di thi un mn sy batana thA knsi continues quantity hy r knsi discrete quantity.
5. BCD addition

MCQs were easy.

Current midterm paper of CS507 9 December 2017
Objective were so easy, mostly definitions related mcqs
1-define information system? (3 marks)
2-democratic management style (5 marks)
3-CRM issues:
• Customer privacy
• Software issue
4-spiral model (5 marks)

ENG101 ka ni hai current paper???

(12-10-2017, 10:59 AM)tayyba Wrote:  ENG101 ka ni hai current paper???

Milega to idhr share kr diya jayega, so wait for it.
Or agar ap ka pehle ho gya to ap idhr share kr dijiyega.

CS408 - MIDTERM FALL 2017 - 9-12-2017


-Touch pad: 2-3 inches square.
-1st PC: 1970s.
-Useless of visually impaired: Typical monitor.
-While studying, you suddenly hear music from next door room: Involuntary Attention.
-Ali writes a document on Cloud on his windows cellphone, this involves: Reflective Cognition.
-Shape and size of compact disk: Physical Constraint.
-Expert "slip" is: unintentional.
-The drop-down menu on top window bar is: pull-down menu.
-Command line is preferred cause: flexible and powerful.
-Social sciences and usability are full of methods for: Qualitative Research.
-Proportional to amplitude of sound: Loudness.
-Norman categorized errors into two types that are: Slips & Mistakes.
-User expectation of tangible outcome: End goals.
-Difference between physical rep and user's intentions is: Gulf of Evaluation.
-Moral of the myth of infinitely fast machine(??): Designer must consider the consequences of time delay.
-Waterfall model is basically a: Linear model.
-Protecting user from dangerous and undesirable situations: Safety.


-Name types of cognition.
-Write about the learning technique "Training wheels". (03)
- Steps of writing Personas (05)
-Out of the four components of Interactive System, i.e. System, User, Input, Output, which component helps to manipulate the machine. (03)
-Importance of Structuring Information for Software Designer (05)

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