How to Use Facebook When Its Blocked

Facebook and other Social Media sites like Twitter and YouTube get banned by government bodies in certain areas from time to time. 
Pakistan is currently facing such situation: Pakistani government has banned social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since yesterday (November 25, 2017).

But here is how you can access these sites when they are blocked in your area:

What you need is actually known as VPN, short of Virtual Private Network. I'm going to share a few very easy and Free methods for you that will enable you to access Facebook and other blocked sites. 

1. Browsec VPN Extensions for Browsers
If you are using a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. You can install Browsec VPN extension for free. This is probably the easiest way to access blocked sites and once installed, all you need to do is turn it on by selection a Virtual Location, you can select any from the available countries list there and done. Now you will be able to use Facebook and any other blocked site without any problem. 
Here are the links to Browsec extensions for various browsers. 2. Hotspot Shield VPN
If you are on a mobile device, and want to use Facebook application, then your best option would be Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy application available at both Google Play Store and Apple itunes. 
Again very simple interface, install the application, turn it on and you can use any blocked app or site. 
Here are the links to this mobile application at both popular OS app market stores.
Although there are many other options too, but I think these two are the easier and quickest to work with. 
So, good luck and lets UnBan Facebook and your other favorite social media or any other blocked sites.

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