How to create a blog and optimise it for search engines.

Hello all,

The virtual world is today full of tutorials buried among thousands of clickbaits, fake marketing adverts and many scam contents and advert contents. It is now tough for one to get a honest step-by-step tutorial for one's use.

I was fortunate to come across a tutorial by Neil Patel, a forbes top 10 internet marketing expert. The tutorial is full of good resources one can use and straight to the point, no fluffs. The link is as follows, it is posted on


Really handy guide, especially for beginners. Neil has been a sensation in blogging, I think he is one of the few on took blogging and earning from blogging and internet marketing to the next level. A true genius.

Wordpress is an essential tool in blog-making and blog-handling but I think the most important step is to actually engage with your potential readers, post crucial/essential knowledge or discussions and motivate debate, because if people discuss in the comments sections then they'd often look forward to your next update.

In short words, I loved the guide! I'm saving it to use it further ahead, thank you very much for the contribution!

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