Is there an issue with T-Mobile?


I have been an UnderNet user for about ten years. I op in one of the rooms there, and have found more trouble logging on with T-Mobile Web'n'Walk modems than I have with ANY other ISP. Most recently, about two weeks ago, I started getting:
I would get it for hours on end, then suddenly, I could connect, but would get kicked off half an hour later with the same message. It was frustrating, and I was worried about my system. I ran every single type of cleaner, anti-virus, malware scan I could buy/download. None of them found anything on my machine. I went to my brothers place, tried connecting via his wireless connection, and I got on the first time without problem. I completely uninstalled mIRC, took off the script I was running, and cleaned out all my files. Reinstalled mIRC, and bingo, it worked just fine. That was a week ago, and then today, I am right back here again, getting this same message no matter which server I try to connect to.I have run moosoft, avast, a-squared, zone alarm, none of them kind find a single thing on my system, and my machine is operating perfectly fine. What am I doing wrong? Does UnderNet just not like T-Mobile?

Please help.


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